US Demobbed
Anchorage International Airport, Alaska
Large city on the southern coast of the state
61.195543, -149.997741

Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
37819 Grumman Goose G-21G Turbo N221AG, ex USN Private Jul 2010  
39080 Douglas Skytrain C-117D N28TN, ex USN Private May 2010  
39097 Douglas Skytrain VC-117D N29TN, ex USN Private Aug 2010  
41-38644 Douglas Skytrain C-47A N19906, ex USAAF Private Jul 2008  
41-7700 Douglas Skytrain C-50 (DC-3S) N30TN, ex USAF Private Jun 2010  
42-92995 Douglas Skytrain C-47A N44587, ex USAAF Private May 2010  
43-16070 Douglas Skytrain C-47A (F) N67588, ex USAAF Stored Jun 2006  
51-7892 Convair VT-29 B N153PA, ex USAF Private May 2010  
53-8073 Fairchild Boxcar C-119L N9027K, ex USAF Private Jun 2010  
84-0459 Short Sherpa C-23A N168LM, ex USAF Private Jul 2008  
84-0470 Short Sherpa C-23A N261AG, ex USAF Private Apr 2004  
87-0026 Gates Learjet C-21A N542LM, ex USAF Private Jan 2018  

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