US Demobbed
Valle Airport, Arizona
At junction of Hwy 64 and 180
35.648566, -112.140418

Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
1301 PZL Lim-2 Ex PolAF Museum, outside Feb 2017  
138310 NA Trojan T-28B 2P-651, N393W, ex USN Museum Oct 2015  
140539 NA Trojan T-28C N166ER, TN-539, ex USN Museum Oct 2015  
141868 Grumman Tiger F-11 A 2, ex USN, Blue Angels marks Museum, outside Feb 2017  
304 PZL SBLim-2 M NX304SB, ex PolAF Museum Oct 2015  
42-17763 Stearman Kaydet PT-13D NX5279N, ex USAAF Museum Jan 2010  
42-42171 Vultee Valiant BT-15 AI-201, N67629, Japanese mks as an Aichi 'Val' Museum Jun 2011  
42-97043 Grumman UC-103 N100TF, ex USAAF, wears '447, 8-F-8' Museum Jun 2011  
44-35323 Douglas Invader A-26C N8026E, BC-323, ex USAAF Museum Oct 2015  
45-34950 Stinson Sentinel L-5 E 47-L, N6055C, ex USAR Museum Oct 2015  
45-59487 Republic Thunderjet YF-84A Ex USAF Stored Oct 2015 History
45-59556 Republic Thunderjet F-84B FS-556, ex USAF Museum, outside Feb 2017  
46-0010 Boeing Superfortress B-50A BK-010, ex USAAF, rear fuselage. Nose at Chino. Stored Oct 2015 History
46-0194 Convair L-13 (F) N6231C, ex USAF Stored Sep 2009  
49-3221 NA Texan T-6G SZ-32, N32SZ, ex USAF Museum, airworthy Jul 2017  
492 Cessna Tweet T-37 B Ex FAP, ex 56-3515 Stored Oct 2015  
494 Cessna Tweet T-37 B Ex FAP, ex 56-3580 Stored Oct 2015  
52-1953 Northrop Scorpion F-89J Ex USAF, marked as '32601' Stored Oct 2015  
53-5341 Lockheed Shooting Star T-33A Ex USAF, marked as '71-5262' Museum, outside Feb 2017  
54-0717 Cessna Tweet T-37 TE-717, ex USAF Stored Oct 2015  
54-1705 DHC Beaver U-6A Turbo N63VA, ex USAR Private May 2011  
57-5816 Republic Thunderchief F-105B (F) ex USAF Stored Oct 2015  
611943 Messerschmitt Bf.109 G-10 Yellow 13, ex GAF Museum Oct 2015  
69-15340 Bell Iroquois UH-1H N502AW, ex USAR Private Mar 2010  
993219 Aero Delfin L-29 N495D, '30 red', ex SovAF Museum, outside Feb 2017  
A.10B-77 Hispano Saeta HA.200 A N212AM, ex EdA Museum Oct 2015  
IE1214 Folland Gnat F1 Ex IAF Stored Oct 2015  
MM53223 Macchi M.416 I-AEMC, ex AMI Stored Oct 2015  
N2206Z NA Super Sabre F-100A (F), ex USAF Stored Jun 2011  
- NA Sabre F-86L Ex USAF, fwd fuselage, serial unknown. Museum Sep 2009  
- NA Sabre F-86F (N) ex USAF, identity unknown. Museum, stored Aug 2008  
- NA Sabre F-86H (N) ex USAF, identity unknown. Museum, stored Aug 2008  
- Mikoyan - Gurevich MiG-15 Identity unknown. Museum, stored Sep 2009  
Unknown Lockheed Shooting Star T-33 (F) Identity unknown. Stored Sep 2009  
- Cessna Tweet T-37 B Ex FAP, identity unknown. Museum, stored Sep 2009  
VP691 DH Vampire F3 17018 Museum Oct 2015 History

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