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US Demobbed locations for Washington

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Anacortes Airport (1)2 miles SW of the town
Arlington Municipal Airport (26)42 miles NNE of Seattle
Auburn Municipal (1)11 miles ENE of Tacoma
Bremerton (1)15 miles W of Seattle
Bremerton National Airport (1)23 miles NW of Tacoma
Brewster (1)114 miles NW of Spokane
Brewster Anderson Field (9)115 miles E of Everett
Brewster Helipad (2)115 miles E of Everett
Bridgeport (2)106 miles NW of Spokane
Burlington - Skagit County Airport (18)61 miles N of Seattle
Camp Murray (2)10 miles SE of Tacoma
Chattaroy area (1)16 miles N of Spokane
Chehalis (1)24 miles S of Olympia
Chelan (1)110 miles E of Seattle
Chimacum Jefferson County Airport (3)38 miles NW of Everett
Colfax - Whitman Field (1)3 miles SW of Colfax
Concrete Municipal Airport (2)70 miles NE of Seattle
East Wenatchee (1)95 miles E of Seattle
Everett - Paine Field (31)26 miles N of Seattle
Everett Paine Field - Flying Heritage Collection (20)S side of Everett Paine Field
Everett Paine Field - Historic Flight Foundation (9)W side of Paine Field
Fort Lewis (2)10 miles S of Tacoma
Fort Lewis - Gray AAF (2)10 miles S of Tacoma
Friday Harbor Airport (1)0.5 miles SW of the town
Jefferson County Airport (1)28 miles NW of Everett
Kenmore Air Harbor (29)11 miles NE of Seattle
McChord AFB (19)7 miles S of Tacoma
Monroe First Air Field (1)25 miles NE of Seattle
Morton (1)50 miles S of Tacoma
Oak Harbor (2)52 miles NNW of Seattle
Oak Harbor - Museum (1)
Olympia Heliport (4)South East corner of Olympia MAP
Olympia Municipal Airport (19)28 miles SW of Tacoma
Othello (1)98 miles SW of Spokane
Parkland (1)6 miles S of Tacoma
Puyallup - Thun Field (13)13 miles SE of Tacoma
Renton Airport (20)N of Renton centre
Roche Harbor (1)NW corner of San Juan Island
Seattle (4)
Seattle - Boeing Field (17)6 miles S of Seattle
Seattle - Museum of Flight (40)6 miles S of Seattle
Spokane - Felts Field (6)5.6 miles NE of Spokane
Spokane International (2)220 miles E of Seattle
Sultan (3)32 miles NE of Seattle
Tacoma - Lakewood area (3)6 miles SW of Tacoma
Toledo - Ed Carlson Memorial (1)3 miles NE of Toledo
Vancouver (1)7.5 miles N of Portland
Vancouver - Pearson Air Park (6)8 miles ENE of Portland, Oregon
Washington area (4)
Wenatchee (1)88 miles E of Seattle
NAS Whidbey Island (5)4 miles N of Oak Harbor
Whitman County (1)1.5 miles N of St. John
Yelm - Western Airpark (1)2 miles SE of the town

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