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US Demobbed locations for Georgia

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Alma (1)86 miles NW of Savannah
Alpharetta (1)17 miles NE of Marietta
Americus - Souther Field (10)62 miles SW of Macon
Athens (1)58 miles ENE of Atlanta
Atlanta - college (3)3 miles S of downtown Atlanta
Atlanta - Hartsfield International Airport (1)7 miles S of Atlanta
Bainbridge (1)38 miles W of Thomasville
Barstow County (1)
Brunswick - Glynco Jetport (1)68 miles SW of Savannah
Buford (1)35 miles NE of Atlanta
Bulloch County (1)
Cairo (1)
Cairo - VFW 8433 (1)13 miles SE of Thomasville
Calhoun - Mercer Field (4)55 miles NW of Atlanta
Calhoun area (20)48 miles NW of Atlanta
Carroll County (1)42 miles WSW of Atlanta
Carrollton (2)5 miles NW of Carrollton
Cartersville (7)36 miles NW of Atlanta
Chickamauga (1)14 miles S of Chattanooga
Cobb County - McCollum Field (13)5 miles N of Marietta
Conyers (1)23 miles SE of Atlanta
Cordele (5)58 miles S of Macon
Dawson Municipal (1)2 miles SE of the town
De Kalb County (1)8 miles E of Atlanta
Dobbins ARB (17)14 miles NW of Atlanta
Donalsonville (1)33 miles SE of Dothan
Douglas Municipal Airport (7)110 miles ESE of Savannah
Douglasville (1)20 miles W of Atlanta
Fayetteville - Willow Pond Airport (1)23 miles SW of Atlanta
Fort Moore (3)8 miles S of Columbus
Fort Moore - Lawson AAF (1)8 miles S of Columbus
Fort Oglethorpe (1)8 miles S of Chattanooga
Fort Stewart (5)35 miles SW of Savannah
Fulton County Airport (1)7 miles W of Atlanta
Griffin - Rushton Mill (1)Car Museum and Antique Venue
Griffin - Spalding County Airport (19)35 miles S of Atlanta
Hampton - Tara Field (41)25 miles S of Atlanta
Hartwell (1)94 miles NE of Atlanta
Hunter AAF (5)5 miles SW of Savannah
Kite (1)91 miles NW of Savannah
Lagrange - Callaway Airport (1)60 miles SW of Atlanta
Lawrenceville (1)26 miles NE of Atlanta
Lexington - ALP (1)72 miles E of Atlanta
Locust Grove (1)28 miles SE of Atlanta
Locust Grove - Mallard Landing Strip (2)32 miles SE of Atlanta
Macon - town (1)78 miles SE of Atlanta
Macon Municipal Airport (1)10 miles S of Macon
Marietta - Aviation History & Technology Center (10)NW of Dobbins ARB
Marietta - Youth Museum (1)3.5 miles W of Marietta
Martinez (1)9 miles W of Augusta
Moody - Grand Bay Range (1)3 miles E of Moody AFB
Moody AFB (13)10 miles NW of Valdosta
Newnan Coweta County Airport (1)38 miles SW of Atlanta
Peachtree - De Kalb (3)10 miles NE of Atlanta
Peachtree - Falcon Field (14)29 miles SW of Atlanta
Robins AFB (13)15 miles S of Macon
Robins AFB - Museum (118)3 miles S of Warner Robins AFB
Rome (5)60 miles NW of Atlanta
Roswell - Surplus Store (4)25 miles N of Atlanta
Savannah - college (1)4.2 miles SE of Savannah
Savannah - museum (6)2.2 miles SW of Savannah IAP
Savannah International Airport (5)6.5 miles NW of Savannah
Tallapoosa (3)50 miles W of Atlanta
Thomaston - Upson County Airport (1)55 miles S of Atlanta
Townsend (8)46 miles SW of Savannah
Valdosta (2)66 miles NE of Tallahassee
Valdosta Municipal Airport (1)5 miles S of Valdosta
Warner Robins (1)15 miles S of Macon
Warner Robins - City Hall (1)0.5 miles W of Robins AFB
Waycross - Ware County Airport (1)78 miles NW of Jacksonville
Waynesboro (1)26 miles S of Atlanta
Willacoochee (1)38 miles NE of Valdosta
Williamson (1)38 miles NE of Valdosta
Williamson - Peach State Airport (1)
Winder-Barrow Airport (2)16 miles W of Athens
Woodstock (4)12 miles NE of Marietta

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