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US Demobbed locations for Hawaii

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Barking Sands (1)W point of Kauai Island
Dillingham Airfield (6)29 miles NW of Honolulu
Ford Island (42)7 miles NW of Honolulu
Hickam AFB (4)7 miles WNW of Honolulu
Honolulu International Airport (6)4 miles W of Honolulu
Kahului Airport (1)N side of Maui Island
Kalaeloa - John Rodgers Airport (16)13 miles W of Honolulu
MCAS Kaneohe Bay (17)11 miles NE of Honolulu
Lihue (1)E side of Kauai Island
Waikiki (1)2.5 miles SE of Honolulu
Waimea (2)SW side of Kauai Island
Wheeler AAF (7)16 miles NW of Honolulu

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