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US Demobbed locations for Louisiana

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Abbeville Municipal Airport (2)66 miles SW of Baton Rouge
Alexandria (1)96 miles NW of Baton Rouge
Alexandria - England Industrial Air Park (7)4 miles NW of Alexandria
Ball (1)9 miles N of Alexandria
Barksdale AFB (22)4 miles E of Shreveport
Baton Rouge - ALP 38 (1)64 miles NW of New Orleans
Baton Rouge - Anna T Jordan Park (1)1.5 miles W of Baton Rouge Municipal Airport
Baton Rouge - Howell Park (1)N of city centre
Baton Rouge - LSU FETI (1)4 miles S of Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge - Memorial Park (1)E bank of river, adjacent to USS Kidd
Baton Rouge - stadium (1)64 miles NW of New Orleans
Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (7)4 miles N of Baton Rouge
Camp Beaureguard (4)2.5 miles NE of Pineville
Claiborne Range (1)10 miles SE of Alexandria
Fort Polk (9)45 miles SW of Alexandria
Fort Polk - Peason Ridge Training Area (1)21 miles N of Fort Polk
Fort Polk - Polk AAF (11)45 miles SW of Alexandria
Houma (1)44 miles SW of New Orleans
Houma - museum (1)46 miles SW of New Orleans
Houma - Terrebonne Municipal Airport (7)1 mile SE of Houma
Jefferson County (1)New Orleans area
Lafayette Regional Airport (6)54 miles WSW of Baton Rouge
Lake Charles Chennault Airport (10)123 miles W of Baton Rouge
Livingston (2)
Louisiana area (1)
Monroe Regional Airport (7)2 miles E of Monroe
New Orleans - Memorial Park (2)0.5 miles E of Louis Armstrong Airport
New Orleans - Museum (11)3.75 miles E of centre
New Orleans - National World War II Museum (10)0.5 miles S of city centre
New Orleans JRB (7)10 miles SSE of New Orleans
New Orleans Lakefront Airport (2)6 miles N of city centre
Patterson (1)77 miles WSW of New Orleans
Reserve (2)30 miles WNW of New Orleans
Ruston - museum (3)64 miles E of Shreveport
Ruston - university (1)64 miles E of Shreveport
Shreveport Downtown (1)4 miles NW of Barksdale AFB
Slidell (1)28 miles NE of Louisiana
St. Francisville (1)
Terrebonne Airport, Houma (1)
Ville Platte (1)33 miles NW of Lafayette
Zwolle (1)64 miles NW of Pineville

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