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US Demobbed locations for New Mexico

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Alamogordo - Museum (1)2 miles NE of the town centre
Alamogordo - White Sands Regional Airport (5)4.75 miles SSW of Alamogordo
Albuquerque - Atomic Museum (7)6.5 miles E of Albuquerque Center
Albuquerque International Airport (1)SW side of Kirtland AFB
Artesia (1)143 miles NE of El Paso
Cannon AFB (12)96 miles SE of Amarillo
Clovis (1)90 miles SE of Amarillo
Farmington - Four Corners Regional Airport (1)142 miles NW of Albuquerque
Gallup Municipal Airport (1)121 miles W of Albuquerque
Hobbs - Lea County Regional Airport (2)200 miles E of El Paso
Hobbs - Veterans Memorial Park (2)200 miles E of El Paso
Holloman AFB (32)9 miles SW of Alamogordo
Holloman AFB - test site (1)3 miles NW of Holloman AFB
Jarales (1)32 miles S of Albuquerque
Kirtland AFB (35)4 miles SE of Albuquerque
Kirtland AFB - test site (2)5 miles S of Kirtland AFB
Las Cruces Municipal Airport (7)45 miles NW of El Paso
Las Cruces Veterans Memorial Park (1)1 mile N of the city centre
Melrose (1)177 miles ESE of Albuquerque
Melrose Range (3)12 miles SW of Melrose
Moriarty (6)33 miles E of Albuqerque
New Mexico area (2)
Portales (1)108 miles SW of Amarillo
Roswell Industrial Air Center (9)6 miles S of Roswell
Santa Fe - National Guard HQ (2)11 miles SW of Santa Fe
Santa Fe Municipal Airport (14)47 miles NE of Albuquerque
Santa Rosa Municipal Airport (1)112 miles E of Albuquerque
Santa Teresa - Donna County Airport (9)70 miles N of Albuquerque
Santa Teresa - Museum (33)30 miles S of Las Cruces
Truth or Consequences Municipal Airport (1)104 miles NE of El Paso
Tucumcari (1)165 miles E of Albuquerque
White Sands Museum (5)44 miles SW of Alamogordo

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