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US Demobbed locations for North Dakota

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Bismark Municipal Airport (3)3.25 miles SE of Bismark
Casselton (1)3 miles S of the town
Devils Lake Municipal Airport (2)84 miles N of Jamestown
Dickinson (1)218 miles W of Jamestown
Fargo - Bonanzaville Museum (5)4 miles W of central Fargo
Fargo - Fargo Air Museum (19)SE corner of Fargo - Hector IAP
Fargo - Hector International Airport (10)2.5 miles N of central Fargo
Fessenden (1)65 miles NW of Jamestown
Finley (1)65 miles NW of Fargo
Grand Forks AFB (7)79 miles NW of Fargo
Hatton (1)27 miles SW of Grand Forks
Hettinger Municipal Airport (1)103 miles SW of Bismarck
Hillsboro (1)38 miles N of Fargo
Jamestown Municipal Airport (1)89 miles W of Fargo
Kindred (4)19 miles SW of Fargo
Larimore Municipal Airport (8)25 miles W of Grand Forks
Lidgerwood (1)58 miles SW of Fargo
Mayville (1)50 miles NW of Fargo
McVille (1)53 miles W of Grand Forks
Minot AFB (5)229 miles NW of Fargo
Minot International Airport (5)1 mile N of Minot
New Rockford (1)53 miles N of Jamestown
North Dakota area (1)
Valley City (1)34 miles E of Jamestown
Velva (1)20 miles SE of Minot
Wahpeton Municipal Airport (3)42 miles S of Fargo
Walhalla Municipal Airport (1)78 miles NNW of Grand Forks

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