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US Demobbed locations for Oregon

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Albany Municipal Airport (5)20 miles S of Salem
Aurora Municipal Airport (14)19 miles S of Portland
Baker City Municipal Airport (1)107 miles NW of Nampa
Bandon (1)192 miles SSW of Portland
Bend Municipal (1)5 miles NE of Bend
Boring (2)16 miles SE of Portland
Camp Withycombe (2)9.5 miles SE of Portland
Canby - VVA Post (1)8 miles SW of Oregon City
Canby - Workman Airpark (1)21 miles S of Portland
Central Point (14)58 miles NW of Klamath Falls
Corvallis - Flying Tom Airstrip (1)5 miles NW of Albany
Corvallis Municipal Airport (14)32 miles SW of Salem
Cottage Grove Municipal Airport (2)18 miles S of Eugene
Deschutes County (1)
Estacada - Valley View (1)1.5 miles NE of Estacada
Eugene - Mahlon Sweet Field (30)8 miles NW of Eugene
Hood River (17)56 miles NE of Portland
Klamath Falls - Kingsley Field (7)236 miles S of Portland
Madras - museum (24)93 miles E of Albany
McMinnville (6)33 miles SW of Portland
McMinnville - Museum (76)33 miles SW of Portland
Medford - Jackson County Airport (2)81 miles ENE of Klamath Falls
Milwaukie - Yard (1)2 miles S of the B-17 Restaurant
Ontario Municipal Airport (19)49 miles NW of Boise
Oregon area (2)
Pendleton Municipal Airport (4)189 miles E of Portland
Portland (1)145 miles S of Seattle
Portland - Hillsboro Airport (9)13 miles W of Portland
Portland International Airport (4)5.5 miles NE of Portland
Redmond - Roberts Field (2)114 miles SE of Portland
Rock Creek - college (4)9 miles NW of Portland
Roseburg Regional (1)1 mile NNW of the city centre
Salem - McNary Field (3)2 miles SSE of Salem
Salem - Reforestation Heliport (4)4.5 miles S of Salem
Tillamook (15)3 miles SSE of the town
Vale (1)59 miles NW of Boise
White City (12)7 miles N of Medford
Woodburn area (1)16 miles NE of Salem

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