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Images by Wolverhampton Aviation Group
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Adaridi AD3 MonoplaneExperimental aircraft design from 1924
Advanced Technologies AirlanderMassive hybrid airship
AEG G.IVFirst World War German twin engined bomber
Aer Lualdi L-59
Aerfer ArietePrototype Italian fighter from the 1950's
Aerfer SagittarioItalian 1956 experimental jet fighter.
Aeritalia - Embraer AMXItalian built light ground attack aircraft
Aeritalia SpartanUS military version of Italian Alenia G-222 airlifter.
Aermacchi BosbokHigh Wing STOL/utility/observation aircraft
Aermacchi M-346
Aermacchi MB.326Aermacchi, twin seat, single jet engined, advanced trainer/ground attack aircraft from 1957
Aermacchi MB.339Aermacchi, twin seat Italian jet engined, training, and ground attack aircraft
Aero 455 seat twin prop engined aircraft from the end of WWII, built in Czechoslovakia
Aero A-11Czech built biplane, also used as a light bomber, built between WWI & WWII
Aero A-18Czech built, single prop engined, biplane from 1923, achieved operational status with the Czech Air Force.
Aero A-32Czech built ground attack aircraft based on A-11, built during the late 1920's
Aero Ae-10WWI, Czech built single prop biplane, from 1918
Aero Albatros L-139Advanced version of L-39
Aero Albatros L-159Advanced version of the L-39
Aero Albatros L-39Twin seat, single jet engined training aircraft from 1968
Aero Albatros L-59Upgraded version of the L-39 jet trainer
Aero Albatros XL-39Prototype of Czech L 39 trainer.
Aero Ap-32Built from 1930, biplane fighter
Aero Blanik L-13Twin seat glider from the Czech company Aero, designed in 1956
Aero Boero AB.180Argentine civil utility aircraft
Aero C-104Czech built variant of Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann.
Aero C-3Czech built version on Siebel Si204 twin engined transport.
Aero Delfin L-29Twin seat single jet engined trainer from 1959
Aero Delfin XL-29Prototype version of L 29 jet trainer.
Aero HC-102Czech AF light helicopter.
Aero L-60Czech built high wing observation aircraft.
Aero Spacelines GuppyOutsize cargo aircraft based on C-97 and used in support of US space program.
Aero XL-160Czech built, single prop engined, high monoplane utility aircraft from 1956
Aeromot Super XimangoBrazilian made motor glider.
Aeronca GrasshopperWW II US Army observation monoplane.
Aeronca L-16Aeronca built high wing liason monoplane in same class as Pier Cub.
Aerospatiale AS.350General purpose utility helicopter
Aerospatiale AS.355General purpose utility helicopter
Aerospatiale Cougar AS.532Aerospatiale, dedicated military version of the AS.332
Aerospatiale FennecLight helicopter
Aerospatiale GazelleSingle engined light observation and general purpose helicopter
Aerospatiale PumaAnglo-French twin engined medium lift helicopter
Aerospatiale SA.330Anglo-French twin engined medium lift helicopter
Aerospatiale SA.341Anglo-French single engine light helicopter
Aerospatiale SA.342
Aerospatiale SA.365French built Dauphin helicopter.
Aerospatiale SN.601 CorvetteFrench built business jet from the early 1970's
Aerospatiale Super Frelon SA.32132 seat, three engined transport helicopter, from 1960
Aerospatiale Super Puma AS.332Aerospatiale , enlarged and re-engined version of the AS.330
Aerotecnica AC-12Light Spanish built helicopter from 1959
Aerotecnica AC-14Light Spanish built helicopter from 1961
AESL AirtourerLow wing single engine trainer/tourer
Agusta A.101Agusta built large helicopter from 1964, only 1 built
Agusta A.102Agusta small-medium helicopter design from 1959
Agusta A.1051964 built Italian prototype four seat helicopter.
Agusta A.106Agusta small lightweight armed helicopter from 1966, designed for anti-submarine role
Agusta A.109Italian made general purpose twin engined single rotor military helicopter
Agusta Bell AB.204Agusta built version of Bell 204 'Iroquois'
Agusta Bell AB.205Agusta built version of Bell 205 'Iroquois'
Agusta Bell AB.206Agusta built version of Bell 206 'Jet Ranger'
Agusta Bell AB.212Agusta built version of Bell 212
Agusta Bell AB.412Agusta built version of Bell 412
Agusta Bell AB.47Italian built version of Bell 47 Sioux
Agusta Mangusta A.129Agusta attack helicopter, delivered to Italian army in the late 1980's
Agusta PelicanItalian built version of the HH-3
Agusta Sea KingItalian licence built version of Sikorsky Sea King.
Agusta StingrayUSCG variant of the A.109E
AgustaWestland AW.109Devlopment of basic A.109 design
AgustaWestland EH-101Three engined anti submarine and general purpose heavy helicopter
AgustaWestland VH-71Variant of the EH-101 for US use as a VIP presidential transport helicopter
Aichi D3AJapanese single engined dive bomber.
Aichi M6A1Single engined floatplane reconnaissance / attack aircraft designed to be carried bu submarines.
Aichi Ryusei B7ALate WWII Japanese carrier borne fighter
AIDC PL-1Two seat Taiwanese basic trainer.
Air TractorHigh performance agricultural aircraft
Airbus A.310Large twin engined passenger aircraft
Airbus A.321Lengthened version of A.320
Airbus A.330Very large twin jet passenger/transport/cargo aircraft
Airbus A.340Very large four jet passenger/transport/cargo aircraft
Airbus A400high wing 4 turboprop heavy lift transport
Airspeed AmbassadorTwin prop large passenger transport aircraft, built by Airspeed
Airspeed OxfordPre war twin engined communications and transport aircraft
AISA I-11Spanish built single engined light aircraft from 1957
AISA I-115Spanish built single engined twin seat light aircraft from 1956
Akaflieg München
Albatros B.IVery early German plane
Albatros B.IIBiplane fighter from WW1
Albatros C.IGerman World War 1 biplane fighter.
Albatros H.1German World War 1 biplane.
Albatross D.VaGerman WWI biplane fighter.
Alcyon MS.733Morane-Saulnier, low wing monoplane prop training aircraft from 1949, used for training and liaison
Alenia SpartanUS operated version of Fiat G-222.
Alliant OutriderUS Army UAV
Ambrosini S7SAI built single engined prop aircraft from 1951
American Champion Citabria
American Helicopter Jet JeepExperimental US Army single seat helicopter.
Ames Dryden AD-1Experimental NASA swivel wing aircraft.
Amiot 1French built version of the Junkers JU.52
Anatra AnasalRussian WW I twin seat biplane fighter.
Ansaldo AC2Single engined monoplane from 1925
Ansaldo Balilla A-1Single engined biplane built by Ansaldo in 1920
Ansaldo SVASingle engined biplane built by Ansaldo from 1917
Antanas Gustaitis ANBO IAntanas Gustaitis designed trainer for Lithuania in 1925
Antonov A-11Antonov designed glider
Antonov A-13Antonov designed glider
Antonov A-15Antonov designed glider
Antonov An-12Antonov medium range tactical transport aircraft, prop driven, from 1958, Nato code 'Cub'
Antonov An-14Antonov STOL light transport aircraft from 1957, Nato code 'Clod'
Antonov An-2Antonov 12 seat, single prop engined, light transport aircraft designed in 1947, Nato code 'Colt'
Antonov An-22Antonov, 35 seat four prop engined, large transport aircraft, from 1965, Nato code 'Cock'
Antonov An-24Antonov short range transport aircraft from 1962, Nato code 'Coke'
Antonov An-26Antonov short range transport aircraft from 1965, Nato code 'Curl', full military version of An-24
Antonov An-30Antonov twin engined reconaissance transport based on An 26.
Antonov An-32Antonov short range transport aircraft from 1976, Nato code 'Cline', upgraded version of An-26
Antonov AN-70
Arado Ar.196Two seat, single prop engined maritime reconnaissance floatplane from 1938
Arado Ar.234High wing twin jet Luftwaffe bomber from WW2
Arado Ar.66Twin seat, prop, biplane aircraft from 1920
Arado Ar.79Pre WWII German training aircraft
Arado Ar.96Single prop engined, monoplane fighter aircraft from 1945
Asiago GP2Pre war Italian traing glider
Atlas BosbokSouth African designed liason aircraft.
Atlas CheetahSouth African development of the Dassault Mirage III
Atlas ImpalaAtlas licence built version of MB.326 from South Africa.
Atlas KuduAermacchi AL-60
ATR.42High wing twin prop T-tail transport
AusterSTOL light observation aircraft used post war by the Army Air Corps
Avia 14Czech built version of the Il-14 transport aircraft
Avia B-33Czech built version of Il 10 Shturmovik.
Avia B-534single engined prop biplane from Czechoslovakia in 1933, featured enclosed cockpit
Avia BH-9Czech single prop liaison and trainer
Avia CB-33Trainer version of Czech built Il 10 Shturmovik.
Avia CS-199Twin seat Czech built development of Messerscmitt Me 109.
Avia CS-92Twin seat training version of Czech built Me 262.
Avia FL3Low wing monoplane, prop engined aircraft from WWII
Avia S-199Czech built development of Messerschmitt Me 109
Avia S-92Czech built variant of Messerschmitt Me262
Aviatik C.IGerman World War One aircraft
Aviatik C.IIIGerman reconnaissance biplane development of Aviatik B series.
Aviatik D.ISingle seat, single prop engine biplane fighter from 1917
Avro 504The standard British training aircraft during World War I
Avro 626Biplane
Avro 631 CadetPre-WWII biplane trainer aircraft
Avro 643 Cadet IIBiplane trainer
Avro AnsonWorld War II Avro built twin engined light transport and reconnaissance aircraft
Avro Canada ArrowCanadian jet interceptor
Avro Canada AvrocarExperimental Avro-Canada built flying saucer design, powered by ducted lift fan.
Avro Canada Canuck CF-100Avro built, twin seat, twin jet engined long range fighter, from 1950
Avro LincolnLong range heavy bomber based on Lancaster
Avro ShackletonLong range reconnaissance aircraft based on Avro Lancaster / Lincoln
B-V ChinookAmerican Tandem rotor heavy lift transport helicopter
Ba349 NatterGerman vertical launched manned rocket interceptor from 1944
BAC 1-11Short haul jet airliner
BAC StrikemasterDevelopment of Jet Provost with underwing hard points for ground attack
BAe HarrierLarger and much improved version of the classic VTOL ground attack aircraft
BAe HawkTandem seat jet trainer built by BAe
BAe Sea HarrierSingle engined VSTOL jet fighter based on Harrier with revised cockpit layout
BAE Systems PhoenixUAV
BAe.125Hugely successful business jet
BAe.1464 jet STOL passenger transport
Battaile TriplaneFirst World War aircraft
Beagle TerrierHighwing monoplane spotter plane
Beech 1900Twin prop passenger plane
Beech 35Small prop engine monoplane aircraft, has distinctive V tail
Beech 906 seat utility and liaison twin prop aircraft
Beech 95Twin engined training and utility aircraft.
Beech BonanzaSingle prop light aircraft.
Beech CochiseMilitary version of Beech 55 Baron twin engined four seat transport.
Beech ExpeditorMilitary version of Beech 18 twin engined transport
Beech GuardrailISTAR variant of Beech 350
Beech HuronUS military version of Beech King Air used for both transport and recconaisance tasks.
Beech JayhawkUSAF navigational trainer based on Beechcraft Beechjet.
Beech KansanBeech built training version of C-45.
Beech King AirTwin turboprop T-tailed transport and training aircraft
Beech LibertyIntelligence gathering twin prop
Beech MentorBeech T-34, twin seat aircraft, used for training
Beech MusketeerUS built light aircraft
Beech NavigatorNavigation trainer version of Beech C-45.
Beech PegasusUS Navy trainer version of Beech 90 King Air.
Beech Queen AirBeechcraft twin engined light transport.
Beech SeminoleUS military version of Beech Queen Air.
Beech StaggerwingSingle engined bi-plane
Beech TexanUS built development of Pilatus PC9
Beech TravellerBeechcraft built trainer, based on the UC43
Beech Turbo MentorTurbprop powered development of Beech T-34 mentor.
Beech Twin BonanzaBeech Model E50 post war light passenger plane
Beech UteUS Military utility aircraft developed from Beech 90 King Air.
Beech WichitaPlywood built twin engine advance trainer.
Beechcraft 1900Twin turboprop passenger palne
Bell - Vertol OspreyAssault and transport tiltrotor aircraft used by US military.
Bell 20415 seat, twin engined utility helicopter, military version see H-1 and UH-1, from 1957
Bell 205Upgraded version of the Bell 204, longer fuselage, see military version UH-1
Bell 206Bell's 'Jetranger' utility training helicopter, from 1968, see also military version OH-58
Bell 212Updated and enlarged version of the UH-1 powered by twin turboshaft engines
Bell 214Stretched version of Bell 212, optimised for sale to Middle East.
Bell 222Bell medium sized passenger helicopter
Bell 412Upgraded version of Bell 212 features 4 blade rotor
Bell 429Mid-sized helicopter
Bell 47Three seat, light utility helicopter from 1946, for military version see H-13
Bell AiracobraBell P-39 World War II fighter with tri-cycle undercarraige
Bell AiracometFirst production built US jet aircraft.
Bell ArapahoCancelled US Army light attack helicopter.
Bell CobraTandem seat attack helicopter based on systms of UH-1 Iroquois.
Bell CreekUS Army training version of Bell 206 Jet Ranger,
Bell IroquoisUS military version of Bell 205
Bell Jet RangerUS built helicopter.
Bell KingcobraBell built WWII tricycle engined fighter development of P-39 Airacobra.
Bell KiowaUS Army observation helicopter based on Bell 206 Jet Ranger.
Bell Sea RangerUS Naval training helicopter based on Bell 206 Jet Ranger.
Bell SiouxMilitary version of Bell 47 helicopter.
Bell Twin HueyTwin engined Huey
Bell X-1Bell built experimental jet, first aircraft in world to go supersonic.
Bell X-14Experimental VTOL testbed.
Bell X-22AExperimental aircraft powered by four tilting ducted fans.
Bell X-5Experimental variable sweep reserach jet.
Bell XV-15Experimental tilt rotor aircraft.
Bell XV-3Experimental tiltrotor aircraft.
Bell YAH-63Prototype attack helicopter, lost out to Hughes Apache.
Bell YHO-4AExperimental observation helicopter, formed basis for Bell 206.
Bell YR-12Helicopter
Bellanca CitabriaLight training aircraft, See also Champion T7
Bensen X-25Experimental Gyrocopter
Beriev Be-12Twin prop amphibious ant-submarine and maritime patrol aircraft
Bk117Eurocopter's light utility helicopter
Blackburn BuccaneerBlackburn post war low level strike attack aircraft
Blackburn RiponBlackburn design from 1928, carrier-based torpedo bomber and reconnaissance aircraft
Bleriot XIEarly French built aircraft
Blohm & Voss BV138WWII Flying boat, used for maritime patrols.
Blohm & Voss Bv155German late war high altitude fighter project
BN DefenderTwin engined multi role light utility aircraft
BN IslanderRugged twin engined light transport aircraft
Boeing - Sikorsky ComancheAdvanced stealthy attack and reconnaisance helicopter.
Boeing - Vertol YUH-61Prototype helicopter designed for competition won by UH-60 Blackhawk.
Boeing 2471930's twin engined passenger plane
Boeing 707The world's second jet passenger type
Boeing 720Large jet passenger transport
Boeing 727Three engined T-Tail passenger jet
Boeing 737Twin jet passenger plane
Boeing 747Large US built airliner.
Boeing 777Large jet transport
Boeing 787Large twin jet passenger airliner
Boeing ApacheHughes/MDD/Boeing attack helicopter
Boeing Bird of PreyExperimental stealth aircraft.
Boeing C-137Miltary VIP transport variant of Boeing 707.
Boeing C-22AUS military version of Boeing 727.
Boeing F4BPre war biplane fighter variant of P-12 fighter.
Boeing FBBoeing 1920's biplane fighter.
Boeing Flying FortressBoeing's legendary heavy bomber from WWII
Boeing GatorNavigational training version of Boeing 737.
Boeing Globemaster IIIUS built large transport aircraft.
Boeing Hawk1930's era US built biplane fighter, primarily used by US Navy.
Boeing J-StarsGround warfare surveillance and command aircraft based on Boeing 707.
Boeing KC-135Boeing 707 based tanker aircraft
Boeing P-121930's era biplane fighter.
Boeing PeashooterBoeing built monoplane fighter.
Boeing ScoutExperimental high wing observation aircraft.
Boeing SentryBoeing AWACS aircraft based on B707 airliner
Boeing StratofortressEight engined heavy bomber
Boeing Stratofreighter C-97Boeing, four prop engined, 102 seat transport aircraft from 1951, also see KC-97
Boeing StratojetBoeing built cold war long range jet bomber.
Boeing Stratoliner4 propeller engined low wing passenger / cargo aircraft
Boeing StratotankerMilitary tanker and transport development of Boeing 707 family.
Boeing Stratotanker KC-97Aerial refuelling tanker version of Boeing C-97
Boeing Super HornetEnlarged development of original F/A 18 design.
Boeing SuperfortressBoeing B-29, large prop engined bomber from the end of WWII
Boeing X-32Unsuccessful Boeing design in Joint Strike Fighter competition.
Boeing X-45Experimental Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle.
Boeing YC-14Experimental STOL jet transport
Bolkow Bo.105Small utility helicopter
Bolkow Bo46
Bombardier Global ExpressLong range business jet
BooHwal HoKorean Manufactured Single Engine Liaison and Training Aircraft
Brantly YHO-3Early experimental observation helicopter.
Breda Ba19Twin seat, prop engined, biplane, from 1930
Breese PenguinUnflyable WW1 training machine
Breguet 14Two seat, single prop engine, biplane bomber from 1916
Breguet 941Four prop engined passenger/cargo transport aircraft
Breguet Alize Br.1050Three seat, single prop engined, carrier based aircraft
Breguet AtlanticMaritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft from 1968
Breguet Provence Br.7634 prop engined, large double deck cargo/transport aircraft from the 1950's
Breguet Sahara Br.765Military transport version of the Provence, 4 prop engined, large double deck aircraft from the 1950's
Breguet Taon Br.1001Fighter/bomber jet from 1957
Breguet Type R.U11911 bi-plane
Brewster BuffaloUS Naval monoplane fighter dating from late 1930's
Bristol 170 FreighterHigh wing boxlike fuselage twin engine transport
Bristol BeaufighterBristol's twin engined long range World War II fighter
Bristol BeaufortBristol's twin engined torpedo bomber
Bristol BlenheimBristol's long range twin engined light bomber
Bristol BolingbrokeCanadian built version of Bristol Blenheim, three seat, twin prop engined, light bomber.
Bristol BulldogBetween wars biplane fighter aircraft
Bristol SycamorePiston engined transport helicopter
Bucker AntaresBucker Bu.133 light training aircraft
Bucker BestmannBucker Bu.181 Luftwaffe liaison aircraft
Bucker JungmannGerman WWII training biplane.
Bucker JungmeisterTwo seat, German designed, single prop engined biplane from 1936
Budd Constenega RB-1Budd built stainless steel transport aircraft.
CAC BoomerangAustralian WWII fighter.
CAC MustangAustralian licence built of P-51 Mustang.
CAC SabreAustralian licence built version of NA Sabre.
CAC WirrawayRAAF advanced training aircraft from WWII
Canadair ArgusLarge 4 prop maritime reconnaissance aircraft
Canadair ChallengerBombardier 601 bizjet
Canadair CL-215High wing twin prop amphibious, water bomber aircraft
Canadair CL-415Upgraded version of the CL-215, high wing twin prop amphibious, water bomber aircraft
Canadair CL-84Canadian experimental VSTOL named Dynavert
Canadair CosmopolitanCanadian Military version of Convair 440 series licence built in Canada.
Canadair North StarDevelopment of Douglas DC-4
Canadair SabreSwept wing jet powered day fighter
Canadair Silver StarCanadian built version of Lockheed T-33
Canadair TutorCanadian designed twin seat jet trainer.
CANSA FalchettoItalian pre war biplane training aircraft.
Cant Z.506Italian, flying boat
Caproni - Vizzola CalifGlider
Caproni Ca.100twin seat, biplane floatplane from 1932
Caproni CA.18World War I reconnaissance plane
Caproni Ca.193Single prop engined, monoplane aircraft
Caproni Ca.20Early monoplane fighter
Caproni Ca.310Early WW2 Italian twin engined light bomber
Caproni Ca.33Prop engined, biplane heavy bomber from the 1920's
Caproni Ca.36World War I Italian heavy bomber.
Caproni Campini CC1Italian jet aircraft flown first flown during 1940
Caproni TM.2Small-medium passenger transport aircraft
Caproni Trento F5Italian, twin seat jet aircraft from 1953
CARMAN JP.15/36Glider
CASA 101Spanish built jet powered, twin seat training aircraft, also used for light attack role
CASA 127Spanish built version of the Dornier 27
CASA 2-111Spanish built version of He111 used in both bombing and transport tasks.
CASA 212Small cargo transport aircraft
CASA 295
CASA 352Spanish built version of Junkers Ju 52
CASA Azor 207Twin prop, passenger/cargo transport aircraft
CASA CN 235Spanish twin engined transport
CASA JungmannTwo seat, single prop engined, German designed, biplane built under licence in Spain
CASA JungmeisterSpanish licence built version of Bucker Bu 133
Castel-Mauboussin CM.8French glider, predecessor of the Fouga magister
Caudron C.272Twin seat prop engined biplane from 1931
Caudron C.59French built, prop engined, biplane training aircraft from 1922
Caudron C.60French built, prop engined, biplane training aircraft from 1922
Caudron C.635French built, prop engined, biplane training aircraft from 1922
Caudron C.714Prop engined, single seat monoplane fighter from 1938
Caudron C.800French built glider
Caudron G.4Twin prop engined, biplane, from 1916
Caudron G.IIITwo seat, single prop engined, biplane reconnaissance aircraft from 1914
Cavalier Mustang1960's rework of classic NA Mustang.
Centenary XSri Lankan built ultra light
Centrair Marianne 201French built glider
Centrair Pegase 101French built glider
Cerva CE.43Small light training aircraft
Cessna 172Small high wing light training aircraft
Cessna 180Small high wing light training aircraft
Cessna 182Small high wing light training aircraft
Cessna 206Small high wing light training aircraft
Cessna 310Cessna twin engined utility aircraft
Cessna 340
Cessna 402Twin engined light liason/communications aircraft
Cessna 404Twin prop 8 seat light aircraft
Cessna 4118 seat, twin prop low wing monoplane aircraft
Cessna 421US built twin engined light aircraft
Cessna A.188B
Cessna AirmasterRadial engined high wing monoplane
Cessna Bird DogTwo seat, single prop engined, high wing monoplane aircraft used for liaison and FAC, from 1950
Cessna Blue Canoe U-3Utility version of Cessna 310 for USAF.
Cessna BobcatWorld War II twin engined utility transport.
Cessna CitationTwin engined executive jet.
Cessna CraneAT-17 Bobcat twin prop trainer
Cessna DragonflyMilitary version of Cessna 318 series, lightweight twin seat jet attack aircraft, from 1965, see also T-37
Cessna LC-126Military derivative of Cessna 195.
Cessna MescaleroUS military version of Cessna 172.
Cessna SenecaExperimental US Army helicopter.
Cessna SkymasterTwin engined Pusher - pull configured, twin boomed light aircraft developed for military use as the Cessna O 2.
Cessna SkywagonSix seat single engined high wing utility aircraft.
Cessna T.210N
Cessna Tweet T-37Military version of Cessna 318 series aircraft, lightweight jet trainer aircraft from 1955, see also A-37
Cessna U-17US Military version of the Cessna 185 'Skywagon' aircraft
CFM 01 TummelisaSingle seat, prop engined biplane fighter from 1919
CFM ShadowMicrolight
Chase Raider YC-125Northrop built three engined STOL transport aircraft of 1950.
Cierva C.19Pre war autogyro.
Cierva C.30Between the wars autogyro
Cijan KurierSTOL high wing liaison and observation aircraft
Cijan TrojkaPost-war Yugoslav light trainer
Columbia XJL-1Experimental monoplane development of Grumman Duck
Commonwealth Wackett TrainerLow wing single engined tandem trainer
Commonwealth WinjeelAb-initio trainer
Conair S-2 Firecat
Consolidated CansoCanadian version of PBY Catalina.
Consolidated CatalinaWWII Twin engined high wing long range amphibian bomber/transport
Consolidated CoronadoUS Naval patrol flying boat.
Consolidated LiberatorAmerican four engined heavy bomber
Consolidated N2Y1930's era US Naval biplane training aircraft.
Consolidated PrivateerSingle finned development of Consolidated Liberator bomber.
Consolidated PT-1Early US Army training biplane dating from 1921.
Consolidated PT-6Primary trainer biplane from the late 1920's
Convair 340Twin prop passenger transport.
Convair 44052 seat, twin engined transport aircraft from 1954, US military version C-131
Convair 990Four engined jet airliner similar to Boeing 707.
Convair CosmopolitanConvair 440 series used by Canadian Forces.
Convair Delta DaggerConvair F-102, single seat, single jet engined, all weather interceptor from 1955
Convair Delta DartLong range interceptor development of F 102 Delta Dagger.
Convair HustlerConvair built Mach 2 nuclear strike bomber.
Convair L-13Consolidated Vultee high wing spotter plane
Convair PeacemakerConvair built long range strategic bomber with six prop and four jet engines.
Convair PogoExperimental VTOL fighter
Convair SamaritanMilitary transport development of Convair 340 / 440 airliner series.
Convair Sea DartExperimental water borne jet fighter
Convair T-29Training development of C-131 Samaritan.
Convair VT-29VIP transport variant of T-29 'Flying Classroom'
Convair XC-99Prototype of large transport aircraft based on B-36 Peacemaker bomber.
Convair XF-92AExperimental delta wing research jet.
CSS-13Czech built version of Poliparkov Po2 biplane.
Culver CadetWW II small fighter type aircraft designed as unpilotted target aircraft but with provsion for pilot.
Curtiss 'Jenny'Very early biplane
Curtiss - Wright E Light SportBiplane
Curtiss - Wright VZ-7Experimental VTOL 'Flying Jeep'
Curtiss AscenderCurtiss built experimental WWII canard configured pusher engined fighter.
Curtiss Commando
Curtiss FledglingCurtiss built biplane trainer dating from mid 1920's.
Curtiss HawkMonoplane fighter
Curtiss HelldiverCarrier based, WWII dive bomber 'Helldiver'
Curtiss HSWorld War 1 patrol flying boat
Curtiss JeepTwin engined advance training monoplane.
Curtiss KittyhawkSingle engined WWII day fighter
Curtiss MF SeagullEarly flying boat dating from 1919.
Curtiss NCVery early Curtiss built flying boat, first aicraft to cross the Atlantic.
Curtiss OwlHigh winged observation monoplane.
Curtiss R3CInter war US Navy racing seaplane.
Curtiss SeahawkDevelopment of Curtiss F6C Hawk series of fighters.
Curtiss SparrowhawkEarly USN biplane fighter.
Curtiss TomahawkCurtiss built single seat WWII fighter
Curtiss TS-2First US biplane fighter designed to fly fro aircraft carriers.
Curtiss WarhawkCurtis built WWII day fighter
Curtiss Wright X-19AModel 200 tilt-wing VTOL light transport.
Curtiss XF15CExperimental mixed powerplant fighter.
Curtiss-Wright FalconSingle prop, single seat monoplane training aircraft from 1940
Curtiss-Wright Travel AirAmerican inter war biplane.
CVV6Italian built glider
Dansk Aero 2G2 seat open high-wing primary glider
Dassault Etendard IVDassault built single seat, single jet engined, carrier-borne interceptor, and ground attack aircraft, from 1960
Dassault Falcon 10Dassault built small executive jet
Dassault Falcon 20Dassault built executive jet, also used in anti shipping role by France
Dassault Falcon 50Dassault built mid size business jet from 1980's
Dassault Falcon 7X
Dassault Falcon 900Long range bizjet
Dassault FlamantTwin prop engined utility aircraft, used for navigator and bombing training, from 1948
Dassault GuardianUS Coast Guard version of Dassault Falcon business jet used for maritime surveilance.
Dassault Mirage 2000Dassault built delta wing jet, in several; versions, B:- twin seat trainer, C:-Fighter, D&N:-Bomber, from the early 1980's
Dassault Mirage 4000Dassault built prototype delta wing jet, which lead to the Mirage 2000 program
Dassault Mirage 5Dassault's export version of the Mirage III, from the mid 1960's
Dassault Mirage F1Dassault built, single seat, single jet engined, fighter from the early 1970's
Dassault Mirage G8Dassault, swing wing interceptor,
Dassault Mirage IIIDassault built jet, in several versions: B:-twin seat trainer, C:-fighter, D&E:-Bomber, R:-Reconnaissance, from 1958
Dassault Mirage IVDassault built, two seat, twin jet engined, strategic nuclear strike bomber, later used for reconnaissance, from 1960
Dassault Mystere IIFrench jet powered fighter from 1950
Dassault Mystere IVFrench built single seat, single jet engined fighter, from 1952
Dassault Ouragan MD.450French, single seat, single jet engined fighter aircraft from 1952
Dassault RafaleDassault's multirole aircraft from the 1990's
Dassault Super EtendardDassault built carrier based, strike fighter aircraft
Dassault Super Mystere B2French built, single seat, single jet engined fighter from 1955
Dassault-Dornier Alpha JetLight attack trainer
Denel RooivalkSouth African attack helicopter
Dewoitine D.26Single seat, single prop engined, high wing trainer aircraft from 1929, built by France and Switzerland
Dewoitine D.27Single seat, single prop, high winged aircraft
Dewoitine D.520French designed, single seat, single prop engined monoplane fighter, from 1939
DFS 230German assault glider from 1938
DFS Olympia
DFS Weihe
DFS/30 Kranich2 seat enclosed cockpit wooden glider, first flown 1935.
DFW C.VGerman World War 1 observation biplane.
DH CometWorld's first large jet passenger transport
DH DevonDe Havilland twin prop passenger transport/communications aircraft
DH DoveDe Havilland twin prop passenger transport aircraft
DH Dragon RapideDe Haviland light biplane transport evolved from DH84
DH HeronDe Havilland four prop passenger transport aircraft
DH Hornet MothPre war de Havilland four seat tourer biplane
DH MosquitoAll wooden twin engined night/day fighter bomber
DH Moth MinorPre war De havilland tandem seat tourer biplane
DH Queen BeePilotless target version of Tiger Moth biplane trainer
DH Sea VampireNavalised version of the de Havilland twin boom jet fighter
DH Tiger MothDe Havilland designed tandem seat biplane training aircraft
DH VampireDe Havilland twin boom single engined fighter / trainer
DH VenomDe Havilland twin boom single engined fighter with semiswept wing
DH.4Two seat biplane day bomber.
DH.60De Havilland twin seat, biplane training aircraft, including Gipsy Moth
DH.83 Fox MothDevelopment of the Tiger Moth
DH.84 DragonDe Havilland DH.84 light biplane transport
DH.88 CometDe Havilland high speed transport
DH.89 DominieDe Havilland military version of the Rapide light biplane transport
DH.9De Havilland World War I aircraft
DHC BeaverSTOL light transport, observation and communications aircraft
DHC BuffaloUpgraded version of the DHC-4
DHC Caribou34 seat, twin prop engined, tactical transport aircraft, from 1960
DHC ChipmunkDe Havilland Canada DHC-1 post war basic trainer
DHC Dash 7High wing T-tail STOL 4-engined turboprop
DHC Dash 8High wing T-tail STOL turboprop
DHC OtterHigh wing monoplane single engined transport
DHC Twin OtterCanadian built high wing twin prop short landing passenger/transport aircraft
Diamond StarDiamond DA40 light aircraft.
Doak VZ-4Experimental ducted fan VTOL aircraft.
Doman YH-31Experimental US Army utility helicopter.
Donnet-Leveque L11Early French built floatplane
Dornier Do.17WW2 twin engined German medium bomber
Dornier Do.228Small-medium, twin prop passenger and cargo transport aircraft
Dornier Do.24Triple engined, flying boat, from 1937
Dornier Do.27Small utility aircraft
Dornier Do.28Small twin prop, high wing light transport aircraft
Dornier Do.29Experimental STOL aircraft based on a Do.27
Dornier Do.31Experimental German VSTOL aircraft
Dornier Do.335Twin engined German fighter fitted with front and rear engines.
Dornier Do.34Unmanned, tethered rotorcraft
Dornier DS10Dornier utility transport aircraft
Douglas BoloPre war USAAC bomber aircraft based on DC-2 airliner.
Douglas CargomasterExtremly large four engined high wing USAF transport aircraft.
Douglas DakotaDouglas twin prop transport
Douglas DauntlessUS Navy WWII single engined dive bomber.
Douglas DC-2Douglas prop medium transport aircraft
Douglas DC-44 prop cargo and transport
Douglas DC-6Douglas prop transport aircraft, military version see C-118, from early 1950's
Douglas DC-7Development of Douglas DC-6.
Douglas DC-8200+ seat passenger jetliner
Douglas DC-9100 seat passenger jetliner, US military version DC-9
Douglas DestroyerTwin engined Douglas built jet bomber.
Douglas Destroyer BTD-1Post war naval attack aircraft designed to replace Grumman Avenger.
Douglas DolphinTwin engined monoplane amphibian dating form 1930's.
Douglas Dragon B-23Pre war US Army bomber based on Douglas DC-3.
Douglas Globemaster IILarge four engined USAF transport aircraft.
Douglas Havoc A-20Three seat, Douglas built, twin prop engined monoplane light bomber from 1939
Douglas InvaderDouglas built attack bomber from 1943, redesignated as B-26 in 1948, when Martin B-26 was deactivated
Douglas JetmasterExperimental US jet bomber.
Douglas KDC-10Tri-jet transport/tanker
Douglas LiftmasterUS military airlift version of DC-6 airliner.
Douglas MixmasterExperimental US pusher engined bomber.
Douglas O-38Two seat observation biplane.
Douglas O-46High wing observation monoplane.
Douglas SkyhawkDouglas A-4 carrier based light attack plane
Douglas SkylancerDevelopment of Douglas F4D Skyray.
Douglas SkymasterC-54 military version of the Douglas DC-4
Douglas SkynightDouglas built twin seat jet night fighter.
Douglas SkyraiderDouglas built, carrier based aircraft from the end of WW2
Douglas SkyrayDouglas built delta winged carrier borne fighter.
Douglas SkyrocketDouglas built experimental rocket propelled aircraft, first to exceed mach 2.
Douglas SkysharkTurboprop powered US Navy ground attack aircraft.
Douglas SkytrainUS military name for Dakota / DC-3 series.
Douglas SkytrooperTroop transport vrsion of C-47 fitted only with passenger doors and lacking the capability to carry heavy cargo.
Douglas SkywarriorDouglas built large carrier based bomber aircraft from 1955
Douglas StilletoExperimental Douglas high speed research aircraft.
Douglas World CruiserBiplane built for US Army round the world flight.
Dyn'Aero CR.100
E-Systems YQM-93ATest aircraft for UAV programme, flown in both piloted and unmanned modes, based on Schweizer SGS 2-32 sailplane.
EADS BarracudaStealth combat UAV
EE CanberraEnglish Electric twin jet bomber
EE LightningTwin engined swept wing interceptor
EKW Aiguillon - N20Single seat, prototype, Swiss built jet fighter aircraft
EKW C35Swiss built single engined biplane from 1937
EKW C3603Swiss built, Singled engined prop aircraft from 1942
EKW C3605Swiss built, upgraded version of C3603, with new engines, and extra tail fin, from 1969
Elster BGerman high wing monoplane from 1955
Embraer BandeiranteBrazilian twin prop
Embraer EMB-120Brazilian twin prop
Embraer ERJ-135Brazilian built regional jet
Embraer ERJ-145Brazilian biz-jet
Embraer Super TucanoLarger version of Embraer Tucano
Embraer TucanoBrazilian built tandem training turboprop
Embraer XavanteBrazilian built MB.326
Embraer XinguVersion of the Embraer 121 light utility and liaison aircraft
Enaer EagletTwin seat side by side low wing propeller trainer
Enaer T-35Prop engined, training aircraft
Enstrom 280Small, twin seat helicopter
EoN OlympiaGlider
ERCO ErcoupeTwo seat light aircraft dating from 1930's.
Eurocopter DauphinMedium sized SAR, and general purpose helicopter
Eurocopter EC.135Eurocopter light helicopter
Eurocopter EC.155Eurocopter advanced version of Aerospatiale Dauphin
Eurocopter EC.725Eurocopter development of Super Puma design.
Eurocopter EC120
Eurocopter SquirrelGeneral purpose transport / training helicopter
Eurocopter TigerEurocopter EC-665 attack helicopter
EurofighterTwin engined delta canard fighter
Fairchild - Swearingen MetroDevelopment of SA.226 Merlin
Fairchild ArgusFairchild UC-61 light communications and transport aircraft from World War II
Fairchild BoxcarC-119, heavy transport aircraft
Fairchild CornellPre war piston engined monoplane trainer
Fairchild Jet JeepExperimental small utility helicopter.
Fairchild PacketFairchild built twin boom transport, predecessor to C-119.
Fairchild ProviderFairchild built twin engined high wing piston engined transport.
Fairchild T-46AUnsuccessful twin finned training aircraft designed to replace Cessna T-37.
Fairchild Thunderbolt IIFairchild built single seat, twin high mounted engines close air support & attack aircraft from the late 1970's
Fairchild-Hiller FH-1100Single engine, two bladed light helicopter
Fairey BattleFairey built single engined bomber, outclassed by World War II
Fairey III1917 designed naval reconaissance biplane
Fairey SwordfishPiston engined naval biplane torpedo bomber
Farman F.46WWI French, biplane aircraft
Farman HF-20Two seat, French built, single prop engined biplane reconnaissance and light bomber aircraft from 1913
Farman MF-11WW1 light bomber
Farman MF-7Twin seat, WWI biplane aircraft, propeller is behind cockpit area.
FFA BravoSwiss/Italian light trainer
FFA P16Swiss single seat jet interceptor from 1953
FFVS 22Swedish built, single seat, monoplane fighter aircraft from 1940
Fiat C.29Italian built float plane
Fiat CR.42WWII radial engined biplane fighter
Fiat G-212Triple prop engined, passenger and transport aircraft
Fiat G-222Alenia built, twin prop engined, medium tactical transport aircraft
Fiat G-46Twin seat, single prop engined, monoplane trainer aircraft from 1949
Fiat G-491952 built Italian post war training aircraft.
Fiat G-50Single seat, monoplane fighter aircraft
Fiat G-591 or 2 seat, single prop engined monoplane fighter aircraft from, 1949
Fiat G-801st Italian built jet aircraft, from 1951
Fiat G-82Upgraded version of the Fiat G-80 jet, from 1955
Fiat G-911 or 2 seat, single jet engined ground attack aircraft, also used as an advanced trainer, from 1958
Fiat HA.132
Fieseler Fi.103German WWII V-1 unmanned bomb
Fieseler Fi.156High wing Stol capable single engined transport
Firestone XR-9Early experimental US Army helicopter.
Fisher EagleExperimental fighter built from various salvaged aircraft parts.
Fleet 10Twin seat, single prop, biplane training aircraft from Romania
Fleet 16Finch biplane trainer
Fleet 2Bi-plane
Fleet 60Fort, Canadian trainer
Fleet 7Fawn biplane primary trainer
Fleetwings XBT-12US Army WWII tandem cockpit trainer.
Flettner KolibriSmall open cockpit, German helicopter, from the 1930s
FMA GuaraniArgentinian transporter
FMA PucaraArgentinian built twin turboprop ground attack aircraft
Focke Wulf Fw.189German twin-engine, twin-boom, three-seat tactical reconnaissance and army cooperation aircraft from WW2
Focke Wulf Fw.190Single seat, single prop engined monoplane fighter from WWII
Focke Wulf Fw.200German WWII maritime patrol and transport aircraft
Focke Wulf Fw.44Two seat, single prop engined biplane trainer aircraft from 1932, 'Stieglitz'
Focke Wulf Fw.58German twin engined multi-role trainer from 1937 onwards
Focke Wulf Ta.152High altitude development of Fw.190
Focke-Achgelis Fa.330 A-1WWII unpowered rotorcraft designed to operate from submarines
Fokker 5050 seat twin prop passenger transport aircraft
Fokker C.VTwin seat, biplane aircraft, from 1926
Fokker C.XInter war biplane
Fokker D.10Single seat, monoplane fighter aircraft from early WWII
Fokker D.VIISingle seat, single prop engined biplane from 1918
Fokker D.VIIISingle seat, single prop, high winged monoplane fighter aircraft from 1918
Fokker D.XXISingle seat, single prop engined, monoplane fighter, from 1937
Fokker E.IIIWWI, monoplane fighter aircraft
Fokker F-100Twin prop passenger transport aircraft
Fokker F-27Turboprop passenger transport aircraft, from early 1960's, 'Friendship'
Fokker F-28Medium sized jet passenger aircraft from 1960's, 'Fellowship'
Fokker S-11Two seat, single prop engined, training aircraft from 1948 ' Instructor'
Fokker S-12Tricycle version of S-11
Fokker S-14Jet powered advanced training aircraft 'mach trainer'
Fokker S.IVWW1 trainer aircraft
Fokker T-2US Army transport biplane.
Folland GnatLightweight tandem seat swept wing jet trainer
Fouga CM-170 MagisterFouga designed, two seat, twin jet engined trainer from 1953
Fouga CM-173 Super MagisterAlso known as a Potez 94
Fouga CM-175 ZephyrFouga designed, two seat, twin jet trainer, a French navy version of the CM-170
Fournier RF-10Motor glider
Frankfort TG-1AUS Army training glider.
Franklin PS-2Single seat US clider type used by US Navy for flight grading.
Fuji AH-1Japanese licence built Cobra
Fuji KM-2Japanese development of T-34
Fuji L-19Japanese licence built Bird Dog
Fuji LM-1Four seat communications aircraft based on T-34.
Fuji LM-2Higher powered version of the Fuji LM-1
Fuji T-1Japanese military trainer
Fuji T-3Development of the T-34
Fuji T-34Japanese licence built Mentor
Fuji T-5Japanese trainer
Fuji T-7Development of Fuji T-3
Fuji UH-1Japanese licence built Iroquois
GAF JindivikViper engined pilotless drone target aircraft
GAF NomadAustralian high wing STOL transport
GAF PikaManned version of the GAF Jindivik drone
Gates LearjetTwin engined small executive jet.
GD AardvarkGeneral Dynamics built swing wing supersonic strike aircraft
GD Fighting FalconGeneral Dynamics F-16, multi role fighter aircraft from 1977, 'Fighting Falcon'
GD Raven EF-111AElectronic warfare development of F-111
General Atomics PredatorGeneral Atomics RQ-1 advanced attack and recce UAV
General Atomics ReaperGeneral Atomics MQ-9 surveillance and attack UAV, based on an enlarged MQ-1 Predator with a much more powerful engine
Gloster GamecockSingle seat, biplane aircraft from 1924
Gloster GladiatorWWII radial engined biplane fighter
Gloster MeteorTwin jet engined fighter / night fighter
Goodyear K-28Blimp
Goodyear ZPGBlimp
Gordou-Leseurre GL.22High wing monoplane aircraft from 1922
Gotha Go.242Large WWII German transport glider
Grigorovich M.5Russian biplane flying boat from 1916
Grob G.102 Astir
Grob G.103A Twin II AcroGrob
Grob TutorModern two seat composite training aircraft.
Grumman AcademeTraining version of Grumman G-159 Gulfstream built to support A-6 Intruder crew training.
Grumman AlbatrossAmphibian aircraft, from 1949, U-16 is US military version
Grumman AvengerCarrier based World War II torpedo bomber built by Grumman
Grumman BearcatSingle seat, single engined, fighter bomber from 1944, 'Bearcat'
Grumman CougarGrumman built swept wing development of F9F Panther.
Grumman DuckWW2 floatplane
Grumman F3FBetween the wars USN biplane
Grumman G44Five seat, twin prop engined, high wing flying boat, from 1940 'Widgeon'
Grumman GoblinUS pre war biplane fighter.
Grumman GooseSeven seat, twin engined high wing seaplane, from 1938
Grumman GreyhoundUS Navy Carrier On-board Delivery aircraft.
Grumman Guardian AFGrumman built anti submarine aircraft built to replace Avenger.
Grumman Gulfstream 1Gulfstream G159 model twin prop passenger transport aircraft
Grumman Gulfstream IIGrumman G.1159 executive jet aircraft.
Grumman Gulfstream IIIDevelopment of Gulfstream II business jet.
Grumman HawkeyeCarrierborne twin engined AEW aircraft.
Grumman HellcatGrumman built naval day fighter
Grumman IntruderGrumman built two seat carrier borne strike aircraft.
Grumman MohawkGrumman built STOL reconaissance aircraft.
Grumman Panther F9FGrumman built Korean War era jet fighter.
Grumman ProwlerElectronic warfare variant on A-6 Intruder.
Grumman Tiger F-11US Navy jet fighter from 1960's primarily used by Blue Angels display team.
Grumman TigercatGrumman F7F
Grumman TomcatGrumman built US Navy swing wing twin engined fighter.
Grumman TracerAEW development of Grumman Tracker.
Grumman TrackerGrumman S-2, four seat, twin prop engined, utility aircraft from 1953, used for ASW,with US Navy
Grumman TraderCOD transport development of Grumman Tracker.
Grumman UC-103Twin seat version of Grumman F3F naval biplane, impressed by USAAF during WWII.
Grumman WidgeonSmaller development of Grumman Goose amphibious transport. Saw service with Royal Navy as the Gosling.
Grumman WildcatGrumman built WWII carrier borne fighter
Grumman X-29AExperimental forward swept wing aircraft.
Grumman YankeeTwo seat light aircraft
Grunau BabyGerman pre war training glider
Gulfstream G550Advanced version of Gulfstream V Business Jet.
Gulfstream IVLarger development of Grumman Gulfstream business jet.
Gulfstream VLarger development of Grumman Gulfstream business jet.
Gyrodyne QH-50UAV helicopter based on XRON-1 manned gyrocopter.
Gyrodyne RotorcycleUS experimental light helicopter.
Haerens Flygmaskinfabrik FF.9Norwegian floatplane
HAL AjeetIndian built Folland Gnat
HAL BasantAgricultural aircraft
HAL ChetakIndian built Alouette III
HAL DeepakIndian primary trainer
Hal HF-24 MarutIndian built, twin jet engined fighter from 1962
HAL HT-2Indian primary trainer
HAL KiranIntermediate jet trainer
HAL KrishakObservation plane
HAL PushpakHigh wing monoplane
Halberstadt C.VTwo seat, German built, single prop engined, biplane reconnaissance aircraft from 1918
Halberstadt CL.IIWWI biplane light attack aircraft
Halberstadt CL.IVTwo seat, German built, single prop engined, biplane fighter from 1918
Hanriot HD.1Single seat, French built biplane fighter from 1916
Hansa Jet HFB 320German built small, utility jetliner
Harakka IFinnish built glider
Harakka IIIPIK built PIK-7 glider
Harbin H-5Romanian built Il-28
Harbin Y-12Chinese twin prop utility aircraft
Harbin Y-5Chinese built version of An-2.
Harbin Z-5Chinese built version of Mi 4
Hawker DancockHawker built single engined biplane from early 1920's
Hawker DemonInter war biplane fighter optimised for naval use one, of the Hind family
Hawker FuryLegendary interwar biplane Fighter designed by Sir Sydney Camm
Hawker Fury FB10Export version of Hawker Sea Fury
Hawker HartSingle engined biplane day bomber of similar design to the Hind
Hawker HartbeesDerived from the Hawker Audax
Hawker HindClassic inter war biplane fighter bomber designed by Sir Sydney Camm
Hawker HunterClassic 50's Hawker designed sweptwing single engined fighter
Hawker HurricaneClassic Hawker built WWII Fighter / Fighter Bomber
Hawker P.1020 FuryDevelopment of the Tempest, adapted for carrier use as the Sea Fury
Hawker Sea FuryLarge radial engined low wing monoplane naval fighter
Hawker Sea HawkRoyal Navy's first jet engined fighter bomber
Hawker TyphoonSingle seat interceptor fighter and fighter bomber
Heinkel HD.35Twin seat, prop engined, biplane fighter from WWI
Heinkel He.111Heinkel five seat, twin prop engined monoplane medium bomber from 1936, also built by CASA as the 2.111
Heinkel He.115German WWII seaplane, used as torpedo bomber
Heinkel He.162German WWII single engined jet fighter
Heinkel He.219German WWII twin engined night fighter.
Helio CourierAmerican built high wing STOL utility aircraft.
Helwan HA.300Egyptian built, single seat, jet powered fighter from 1956
Henschel Hs.126German WWII utility aircraft
Henschel Hs.129Luftwaffe WW2 twin engined bomber
HillerTwin seat piston engined training helicopter
Hiller HornetExperimental light helicopter.
Hiller RavenMilitary version of Hiller UH-12 helicopter used for liason, observation and medevac tasks.
Hiller RotorcycleExperimental light helicopter
Hiller YHO-5Prototype US Army utility helicopter
Hispano HA.1112Spanish built version of the version of Bf.109, from 1954
Hispano HA.132Hispano built version of Fiat Cr.32 Single prop engined biplane fighter aircraft
Hispano Saeta HA.200Spanish built twin seat, twin jet engined trainer aircraft from 1955
Hispano Super Saeta HA.220Spanish built single seat version of the HA200, used in ground attack role, from 1965
Hispano-Suiza HS.34Spanish built, single prop, biplane from 1930's
Hoffmann DimonaH.36 model Glider
Horten HoGerman WWII swept wing glider
Horten Ho.229Experimental German WWII flying wing jet fighter
Howard DGA-15High wing radial passenger utility plane
Howard GHPre war designed high wing sports cruiser, impressed into service with US Navy.
Howard NightingaleHigh wing single engine transport
HP HastingsFour engined heavy lift transport aircraft
HP Herald1950'S designed passenger aircraft
HS HarrierSingle engined VSTOL jet fighter bomber
HS.125Classic de Havilland designed executive twin jet transport
HS.748Twin turboprop civil and military transport aircraft
Huarte-Mendicoa HM-1Twin seat, low wing monoplane, prop engined, Spanish built, training aircraft
Hughes 269Twin seat piston engined training helicopter
Hughes 300Small light, twin seat helicopter, see also US military version H-6
Hughes 369Civil version of Hughes 500
Hughes 500Small light utility helicopter, upgraded version of the Hughes 300 series, US military version H-6
Hughes CayuseHughes built light observation helicopter.
Hughes OsageTraining helicopter based on Hughes 269.
Hunting Jet ProvostTwin seat single engined military trainer
Hurel-Dubois HD-321French built twin prop, medium size transport aircraft
IAe.22Argentinian aircraft
IAe.27Argentinian aircraft
IAe.33Argentinian aircraft
IAe.35Argentinian aircraft
IAe.50Argentinian aircraft
IAe.53Argentinian aircraft
IAI AravaTwin prop high wing STOL transport
IAI B-HunterBelgian operated UAV
IAI FingerIsraeli developed version of Mirage V
IAI HermesIsraeli drone
IAI HunterUS Army UAV
IAI KfirIsraeli development of Mirage 5 design.
IAI LaviIsraeli jet fighter demonstrator
IAI PioneerIsraeli made UAV
IAI RangerIsraeli built UAV
IAI ScoutIsraeli built UAV
IAI SearcherIsraeli UAV
IAI TzukitIsraeli version of the Fouga Magister
IAR 316Romanian built SA.316 Alouette 3.
IAR 317
IAR 330Romanian built version of SA.330 Puma.
IAR 813Romanian built 2 seat sports / training aircraft
IAR 822
IAR 823Romanian built, four seat, single prop engined lightweight training aircraft
IAR 828
IAR 93Romanian built version of the Soko Orao, ground attack jet aircraft from 1977
IAR 99Romanian built twin seat jet training aircraft from 1985, named 'Soim'
ICA-Brasov IS-28Romanian built glider, 'IAR 28'
Ikarus 214Yugoslav trainer from the 1950's
Ikarus KurirVersion of the Fielser 156 'Storch' built in Yugoslavia.
Ikarus S-451Yugoslav experimental high-speed jet palne
Ikarus S-49Post war fighter, very similar to the Yak-9
Ikarus T-451Yugoslav built single seat aerobatic trainer
Ilmailuvoimien A.22Licence built version of the Hansa Brandenburg W33 seaplane
Ilmailuvoimien C.24Underpowered single seat high wing monoplane fighter
Ilmailuvoimien D.26Finnish built glider 'Haukka I'
Ilmailuvoimien D.27Finnish built glider 'Haukka II'
Ilmailuvoimien K.1Kurki 4 seat trainer from 1927
Ilyushin Il-10Russian twin seat, ground attack aircraft from the end of WWII
Ilyushin Il-102Tank buster, Russian equivalent of the A-10, although never went into production
Ilyushin Il-12Ilyushin designed, twin prop transport aircraft
Ilyushin Il-14Ilyushin designed transport aircraft, Nato code 'Crate', closely resembles a DC-3, from 1951
Ilyushin Il-18Ilyushin designed, four prop engined passenger airliner from the mid 1950's
Ilyushin Il-2Ilyushin built, twin seat, single prop engined monoplane, close support aircraft from 1939
Ilyushin Il-28Ilyushin designed bomber aircraft , Nato code 'Beagle', from 1949
Ilyushin Il-4
Ilyushin Il-76Ilyushin T-tail high wing 4 jet large transport aircraft
Ilyushin T-103Russian Built Single Engine Training Aircraft
IMAM Ro371933 Italian biplane fighter.
IMAM Ro411930's italian biplane fighter.
IMAM Ro43Italian WWII ship based float plane
Interstate GrasshopperWW II US Army observation monoplane.
Interstate S-1WWII light high-wing single-prop passenger/observation aircraft
Interstate TDR-1US World War 2 naval attack drone aircraft
IVL K.1Finnish built 1927 high wing 4 place trainer
Jacobs DFS 108-30Kranich II'
Jacobs DFS 108-68Weihle'
Jacobs DFS 108-70German WW2 glider
Jeannin StahltaubeGerman WWI training aircraft
Junkers J.1German built First World War all-metal observation plane
Junkers J.4WWI long range patrol aircraft
Junkers J9 (DI)Single seat, single prop engined, monoplane fighter from 1918
Junkers Ju.388Ultimate development of Ju88 design
Junkers Ju.5219 seat, three prop engined, passenger and transport aircraft from 1932, built in Germany & Spain (as CASA352L)
Junkers Ju.864 seat, twin prop engined, monoplane bomber from 1935
Junkers Ju.87Two seat, single prop engined monoplane dive bomber from WWII, 'Stuka'
Junkers Ju.88WWII twin engined German day bomber
Junkers W.34Five seat passenger transport floatplane from 1927
KAI KTX-1Korean Built Turboprop Trainer
Kaman HuskieLight utility helicopter used in the search & rescue role, from 1956, H-43
Kaman K-16Experimental naval tiltrotor aircraft based on Grumman JRF Goose.
Kaman SeaspriteKaman built ship borne ASW helicopter.
Kamov Ka-25Kamov built 14 seat, twin engined utility and ASW helicopter from 1965
Kamov Ka-26Kamov built, small utility helicopter
Kamov Ka-27Soviet Navy anti submarine helicopter code-named Helix
Kamov Ka-28Export version of the Ka-27 Helix
Kamov Ka-29Twin engine helicopter with contra rotating rotors
Kamov Ka-32
Kawanishi H8KJapanese WW2 large flying boat
Kawanishi N1KJapanese monoplane fighter dating from 1943.
Kawasaki C-1Japanese twin jet cargo plane
Kawasaki KAL-2Single-engined low wing monoplane from the 1950's
Kawasaki Ki-100WWII Japanese fighter
Kawasaki Ki45Japanese WWII twin engined bomber.
Kawasaki Ki61WW2 fighter
Kawasaki OH-6Japanese licence built Cayuse
Kawasaki P-2Japanese licence built Neptune
Kawasaki P-3Japanese licence built Orion
Kawasaki T-33Japanese licence built Shooting Star
Kawasaki T-4Japanese intermediate jet trainer
Kawasaki-Bell 47Japanese licence built Bell 47
Kawasaki-Vertol KV.107Japanese licence built version on Vertol 107.
Kellet XR-8Experimental twin rotor helicopter from 1942.
Kellet YG-1BPre war US built autogyro.
Kellett K-2US built pre war autogyro evaluated by US Army.
Kellett XO-60US Army observation autogyro.
Klemm KL.35Two seat, single prop engined, monoplane trainer from 1935
Knoller CIIAustrian built WW I observation biplane.
Kratos XQ-58A ValkyrieUSAF Low Cost Attritable Strike Demonstrator (LCASD) UCAV
Kugisho Ginga P1YJapanese WWII night fighter
Kugisho OhkaJapanese suicide glide bomber.
Kyushu K10Japanese WW2 intermediate trainer
Kyushu ShindenExperimental WWII canard winged Japanese interceptor
KZ Træner
Laister - Kauffman TG-4Second World War US primary training glider.
Lavochin La-11Russian prop engined monoplane fighter from the end of WWII
Lavochin La-7Russian built, single seat, single prop engined monoplane fighter from 1942
Lavochin La-9Russian built, single seat, single prop engined fighter from 1946
Lavochkin La-250"Anakonda" a high-altitude interceptor aircraft prototype developed in the Soviet Union in the 1950s
Lazarov Laz-7Bulgarian built postwar training aircraft.
Leduc 0.10French built reseach aircraft, ramjet powered
Leduc 0.22French experimental jet
Let C-11Czech built version of Yak 11 trainer.
Let L-200Small 4 seat prop engined utility aircraft
Let L-410Small twin prop, high wing passenger and transport aircraft
Let L-610Abortive Czech built twin engined transport.
Let Super Blanik L-23Czech built glider
Let XL-410Prototype of Let 410 transport.
Letov KT-04Unmanned Czech training aircraft
Letov S-2Inter war Czech built biplane.
Letov S-20Single prop engined, Czech built biplane fighter
Letov S-218Single prop engined, biplane aircraft
LFG Roland D.VISingle prop engined, biplane aircraft from WWI
Lippisch DM1Delta wing prototype
Lisunov Li-2Russian built version of the DC-3 under licence, from 1940
Lockheed A-12Predecessor to SR-71 Blackbird, mainly operated by CIA.
Lockheed BlackbirdLockheed's twin seat, twin engined high flying, high speed reconnaissance aircraft from 1965
Lockheed CheyennePrototype US Army compound driven attack helicopter.
Lockheed ConstellationLockheed C-121, prop transport aircraft
Lockheed Dark StarExperimental UAV
Lockheed Dragon LadyHigh flying reconnaissance aircraft from 1955
Lockheed ElectraMilitary variant of Lockheed L10 Electra pre war airliner.
Lockheed Electra L-188Lockheed built 4 prop passenger plane
Lockheed GalaxyUS Air Force heavy lift transport aircraft.
Lockheed HarpoonAmerican WWII light bomber
Lockheed HerculesFour engined turboprop heavy lift military transport
Lockheed HudsonWWII twin engined bomber / transport aircraft
Lockheed JetstarLockheed built four engined executive jet used for VIP transport and navaid caalibration by the USAF.
Lockheed L12Twin prop, 6 seat passenger transport aircraft
Lockheed LodestarTwin engined civil transport aircraft
Lockheed Martin LightningLockheed Martin F-35, product of the Joint Strike Fighter competition
Lockheed Martin X-35Prototype of Joint Strike Fighter
Lockheed NeptuneTwin engined maritime patrol aircraft
Lockheed NighthawkLockheed built Stealth fighter
Lockheed OrionLockheed P-3, ten seat, four prop engined maritime patrol and ASW aircraft from 1960
Lockheed P-38High performance twin engined fighter from WW2
Lockheed RaptorAdvanced US stealth fighter
Lockheed Seastar T-1Navalised and carrier capable development of Lockheed T-33
Lockheed Shooting StarLockheed T-33 twin seat, single jet engined trainer aircraft, from 1948
Lockheed StarfighterLockheed's high speed interceptor from 1955
Lockheed Starfire F-94Upgraded and radar equipped fighter development of T-33.
Lockheed StarlifterLockheed built four engine long range heavy transport.
Lockheed VenturaWWII anti submarine bomber based on Lockeed twin engined comercial transport
Lockheed Viking S-3Twin turbofan powered carrier borne anti submarine aircraft.
Lockheed XC-35Development of Lockheed Electra
Lockheed XF-90Experimental fighter built to same requirement that developed the F-101 Voodoo.
Lockheed XFV-1Experimental VTOL fighter, named Salmon
Lockheed XH-51Experimental compound helicopter.
Lockheed YF-12AInterceptor variant of Lockheed A-11 / SR-71 family.
Lockheed YF-221980's winner of Advanced Tactical Fighter competition, developed into F-22A Raptor.
Lockheed YO-3AUltra quiet survellance aircraft based on Schweizer glider.
Loening OA-1Single engined observation biplane seaplane used for 1925 US expedition to South America.
Lohner L-1Austrian built WWI flying boat
LTV Corsair IILing Temco Vought designed as a light attack aircraft, ff 1965
LTV CrusaderVought F-8, carrier based,single seat, single jet engined, fighter bomber from 1957
LTV XC-142AExperimental tiltwing transport aircraft.
LVG B.IIWWI biplane prop engined aircraft
LVG C.VITwo seat, German built, single prop engined, biplane bomber from 1918
LWD Junak 3Single prop engined, twin seat monoplane training aircraft from 1952
LWF VTwin seat, biplane prop training aircraft
Macchi C.202Single seat, Italian built, single prop engined monoplane fighter from 1940 'Folgor'
Macchi C.205Italian WWII, single seat, monoplane fighter aircraft
Macchi Castoldi MC.72Italian built float plane, designed fro the Schneider cup races
Macchi Folgor C.202Single seat, Italian built, single prop engined monoplane fighter from 1940
Macchi M.39Italian floatplane, built for Schneider cup race
Macchi M.416Italian twin seat light training aircraft
Macchi M.67Italian floatplane, built for Schneider cup race
Macchi M.7Italian flying boat, biplane fighter from 1918
Macchi MB.308Macchi, post WWII Italian light training aircraft
Macchi MB.323Maachi, Low wing training aircraft from 1950
Macchi MC.200Early WWII Italian monoplane fighter aircraft.
Magni PM3/4 ValeItalian single seat, high winged monoplane aircraft
Malmo MFI-9 Junior1960's Swedish built light aicraft
Martin B-10All metal monoplane bomber dating from 1930's.
Martin CanberraAmerican development of EE Canberra.
Martin MarauderMartin B-26 high speed medium bomber from WWII
Martin Mariner PBMMartin built WWII patrol flying boat.
Martin MarlinPost war Naval patrol flying boat design.
Martin MarsVery large seaplane
Martin Matador TM-61Large USAF surface-surface missile
Martin MaulerMartin built single engined attack aircraft, designed to be carrier borne but proved too heavy to be successful.
Martin SeaMasterJet powered flying boat bomber/patrol aircraft
Martin X-24Experimental lifting body design to test space vehicle re rentry shapes.
Matejcek XM-12 MakrolExperimental Czech built high wing light aircraft.
Max Holste Broussard MH.1521High wing prop engined, six seat, twin tailed light utility aircraft from 1952
McCulloch HUM-1Very small passenger helicopter from 1948
McCulloch J-2Small 2-seat autogyro from the 1960's
McCulloch YH-30Early twin rotor utility helicopter.
McDD EagleMcDonnell F-15, single seat, twin engined fighter, now also a twin seat bomber aircraft from 1976
McDD ExtenderTanker / transport development of DC-10 airliner.
McDD Goshawk
McDD HarrierUS produced variant of the improved Harrier
McDD HornetModern US built multi-role twin engined combat jet
McDD MD.530Mc Donell Douglas development of Hughes 500 design.
McDD MD.900Light no-tail-rotor helicopter
McDD NightingaleMedevac version on DC-9 airliner used by US Air Force.
McDD PhantomSwept wing tandem seat jet naval Fighter bomber
McDD Skytrain IIUS Navy version of DC-9 airliner
McDD YC-15Experimental STOL jet transport
McDonnell BansheeKorean War era US Navy carrier borne fighter.
McDonnell DemonUS built twin engined carrier borne jet fighter.
McDonnell GoblinSmall parasite fighter designed to be flown from beneath B-36 bomber.
McDonnell Phantom FH-1Early operational US Navy jet fighter, predecessor to F2H Banshee.
McDonnell VoodooMcDonnell F-101, twin jet engined nuclear strike bomber from 1954
McDonnell WhirlawayTwin rotor experimental transport helicopter from 1946
McDonnell XH-20Experimental rotor tip propulsion helicopter.
McDonnell XV-1Experimental VTOL aircraft for US Army.
Meggitt BansheeHigh speed target drone
Messerschmitt Bf.108Messerschmitt 4 seat, single prop utility aircraft from 1934, also built by Nord as the N.1002 Pingouin
Messerschmitt Bf.109Messerschmitt World War II Luftwaffe single engined fighter
Messerschmitt Bf.110Messerschmitt, twin seat, twin engined monoplane fighter, from 1937
Messerschmitt Me.163Messerschmitt, rocket powered small fighter from end of WWII
Messerschmitt Me.262Messerschmitt, twin jet engined fighter from 1944
Messerschmitt Me.410Messerschmitt two seat, twin engined monoplane fighter-bomber from 1942
Meteor Mirach 100/5Jet powered high speed target drone
Mikoyan - Gurevich 1.44 Technology demonstrator
Mikoyan - Gurevich MiG-15Mikoyan-Gurevich designed single seat, single jet engined, fighter from 1948, Nato code 'Fagot'
Mikoyan - Gurevich MiG-17Mikoyan-Gurevich designed single seat, single jet engined, fighter from 1951, Nato code 'Fresco'
Mikoyan - Gurevich MiG-19Mikoyan-Gurevich designed single seat, single jet engined, fighter from 1956, Nato code 'Farmer'
Mikoyan - Gurevich MiG-21Classic Soviet built supersonic fighter
Mikoyan - Gurevich MiG-23Mikoyan-Gurevich designed single jet engined, fighter from late 1960's, Nato code 'Flogger'
Mikoyan - Gurevich MiG-25Mikoyan-Gurevich designed twin jet engined, high speed interceptor from late 1960's, Nato code 'Foxbat'
Mikoyan - Gurevich MiG-27Mikoyan-Gurevich designed ground attack version of the MiG-23, Nato code 'Flogger'
Mikoyan - Gurevich MiG-29Mikoyan-Gurevich designed twin jet engined, fighter from the early 1970's, Nato code 'Fulcrum'
Mikoyan - Gurevich MiG-3Mikoyan-Gurevich designed single seat, single prop engined, monoplane fighter from WWII
Mikoyan - Gurevich MiG-31Foxhound long range supersonic defence fighter
Mikoyan - Gurevich Ye-152Pre production MiG-21
Mil Mi-1Four seat, single engined, light utility helicopter from 1948, see also PZL SM-1 for Polish built versions.
Mil Mi-10Russian built 'Skycrane' type helicopter
Mil Mi-14Navalised version of the Mi-8, used as an ASW helicopter and also search & rescue.
Mil Mi-17Transport helicopter from the Mil Design Bureau, export version of the Mi-8 with upgraded engines, NATO code 'Hip'
Mil Mi-2Light utility helicopter from the Mil Design Bureau, also built by PZL, Nato code 'Hoplite'
Mil Mi-24Ten seat, twin engined armed assault/attack helicopter by the Mil design Bureau, Nato code 'Hind'
Mil Mi-26Very large cargo helicopter
Mil Mi-34Light utility helicopter, reporting name 'Hermit'
Mil Mi-35Export version of the Mi-24 'Hind'
Mil Mi-414 seat, single engine utility helicopter, from 1953
Mil Mi-6Large 95 seat, twin engined, heavy lift helicopter, from 1958
Mil Mi-831 seat, twin engined, multi-role transport helicopter from the Mil Design Bureau, Nato code 'Hip'
Mil Mi-9Airborne command post version of the Mi-8
Miles Falcon Major M.3Four seat, light cabin monoplane aircraft
Miles Falcon Six
Miles MagisterWWII Miles low wing tandem seat trainer built for the RAF
Mississippi State University MarvelDucted fan STOL research aircraft
Mitsubishi F-1Japanese twin jet strike fighter
Mitsubishi F-15Japanese licence built Eagle
Mitsubishi F-2Japanese fighter based on the F-16
Mitsubishi G4MTwin engined Japanese WWII bomber.
Mitsubishi H-19Japanese licence built
Mitsubishi HSS-2Japanese licence built
Mitsubishi Ki.46Japanese 2nd World War twin engined reconnaissance aircraft, "Dinah"
Mitsubishi MU-2Japanese high-wing, twin-engine turboprop
Mitsubishi PhantomJapanese licence built F-4
Mitsubishi RaidenJapanese WWII land based fighter.
Mitsubishi S-61Japanese licence built
Mitsubishi S-62Japanese licence built
Mitsubishi SH-60Japanese licence built SH-60
Mitsubishi ShusuiJapanese rocket propelled fighter developed from Me 163 Komet.
Mitsubishi T-2Japanese twin jet advanced trainer
Mitsubishi ZeroWWII Japanese fighter
MKEK 4Turkish training aircraft
Morane A-1Late WW1 monoplane fighter.
Morane Saulnier CriquetMorane-Saulnier built version of Fieseler Fi.156 'Storch', models MS.500,MS.502, MS.505
Morane Saulnier HWWI, single seat, fighter aircraft
Morane Saulnier MS.1381920's high wing French military trainer
Morane Saulnier MS.230Morane-Saulnier, two seat, high wing, single prop engined advanced training aircraft from 1929
Morane Saulnier MS.30French early fighter
Morane Saulnier MS.315Morane-Saulnier , high wing training aircraft from 1932
Morane Saulnier MS.317Morane-Saulnier , high wing training aircraft based on MS.315.
Morane Saulnier MS.406Morane-Saulnier , single seat, single prop engined monoplane fighter from 1938
Morane Saulnier MS.472Morane-Saulnier, low wing monoplane prop training aircraft from 1950
Morane Saulnier MS.50Morane-Saulnier, twin seat, high wing monoplane aircraft from the 1920's
Morane Saulnier MS.733 AlcyonFrench built post war training aircraft.
Morane Saulnier Paris MS.760Morane-Saulnier, four seat, twin jet engined, training aircraft from 1959
Morane Saulnier RallyeMorane-Saulnier,now Socata built, small light training aircraft, first designed in 1959
Mraz K-65 CapCzech built version of the Fielser 156 'Storch'
Mraz Kranich (108-30)
Mudry Cap-10Low wing aerobatic aircraft
Mudry Cap-20Mudry built single seat advanced training aircraft
Mudry Cap-231Mudry built single seat advanced training aircraft
Mudry Cap-232Mudry aerobatic plane
Myasishchev M-34 jet engined strategic bomber, code named Bison
Myasishchev M-4Rocket transporter
NA Apache A-36Dive bomber version of P-51 Mustang.
NA FuryNaval development of F 86 sabre.
NA HarvardRAF designation for the T-6 monoplane radial engined wartime basic trainer
NA MitchellTwin engined American day bomber
NA MustangNorth American P-51, single seat, single prop engined monoplane fighter from 1941
NA O-47Two seat observation monoplane.
NA P-64Single seat export fighter version of T-6 Texan.
NA Rockwell Bronco OV-10STOL aircraft, used in observation and light attack roles, by US Military
NA Rockwell BuckeyeRockwell T-2, twin seat, single engined (A models), twin engined (B models), training aircraft, from 1959
NA Rockwell SabrelinerTraining and transport version of Sabreliner business jet.
NA SabreFamous 1950's swept wing jet fighter.
NA SavageNorth American mixed powerplant carrier borne bomber aircraft powerd by two piston engines and a fuselage mounted jet engine.
NA Super SabreF-100
NA TexanNorth American T-6, monoplane prop engined, WWII basic training aircraft
NA TornadoEarly US four engined jet bomber.
NA TrojanNorth American T-28, two seat, single prop engined trainer and light attack aircraft
NA Twin MustangTwin engined Korean War era night fighter designed around a pair of P-51 mustang fuselages.
NA VigilanteNorth American built carrier borne strike and reconaissance aircraft.
NA X-15High speed rocket powered research aircraft.
NA YaleTwo seat, single prop engine monoplane training aircraft from 1935, military designations of BT-9 & BT-14
NA YF-107Experimental development of F-100 design with dorsal mounted air intake.
NAF CanaryNaval Aircraft Factory built basic training biplane, built in either landplane of floatplane configuration.
Nagler-Rolz NR54Backpack portable helicopter
Nakajima B5NJapanes carrier based torpedo bomber, "Kate"
Nakajima J1N1Japanese twin engined WWII attack bomber.
Nakajima Ki-27Japanese 1930's monoplane fighter
Nakajima Ki-43Japanese WWII fighter, similar to A6M 'Zero'
Nakajima Ki.84Japanese WW2 single engine fighter
Nakajima KikkaJapanese jet fighter similar to Me.262
Nakajima SaiunJapanese WWII carrier based reconnaisance aircraft
Nakajima TenraiJapanese twin engined single seat interceptor
Nakajima Tenzan B6NLate WWII Japanese torpedo bomber
Nakajima TsurugiWooden built Japanese WWII kamikaze fighter
Nakajima Type 911930's Japanese high-wing monoplane fighter
NAMC YS-11Japanese built, turboprop airliner
Nanchang CJ-6Twin seat, prop engined aircraft first built in 1948, Chinese version of Yak-18
Nanchang PT-6Chinese development of Yak 18 design.
Nanchang Q-5Chinese twin engined fighter based on Mig19.
Nardi FN.305Twin seat, single prop engined, monoplane aircraft
NASA LLRVNASA built Lunar Landing Research Vehicle.
Neiva RegenteBrazilian GA aircraft
Neiva UniversalBrazilian light trainer
New Standard NT-1US naval biplane trainer dating from 1929.
NHI NH.90NHIndustries medium helicopter
NieuportSingle seat, French built, single prop engined biplane fighter
Nieuport 10Two seat, French built, single prop engined biplane reconnaissance / fighter / light bomber aircraft, from 1914
Nieuport 11French WW1 Biplne fighter
Nieuport 23French built biplane fighter
Nieuport 29Single seat biplane fighter from late WWI
Nieuport 4GFrench WWI monoplane fighter aircraft
Noorduyn NorsemanEight seat, single prop engined, high wing monoplane utility aircraft from 1936
Nord 260French built high wing turbo prop 26 seat transport aircraft.
Nord 262French built high wing turbo prop 26 seat transport aircraft.
Nord N.1001Renault engined licence built Bf 108
Nord N.1002Nord built version of the Messerschmitt Bf.108, utility aircraft from 1942
Nord N.1101Nord/SNCAN upgraded version of N.1002/ Bf.108 with tricycle undercarriage,
Nord N.1203French built, light training aircraft derived from the N.1101
Nord N.1300French built glider
Nord N.1500Experimental Jet fighter from the mid 1950's
Nord N.2200Small French built, light aircraft, only one built
Nord N.262French, twin prop, passenger and light cargo transport aircraft in service from 1964
Nord N.3202Twin seat, prop engined monoplane training aircraft from 1960's
Nord N.3400Built as an observation aircraft for the French army, twin seat, high winged aircraft
Nord NC.701French built version of Siebel Si 204D, low wing monoplane from WWII, ' Martinet'
Nord NC.702French built version of Siebel Si 204A, low wing monoplane from WWII, ' Martinet'
Nord NC.856Norvigie', High winged, prop engined training aircraft
Nord NoratlasFrench built twin prop, twin boom/tailed cargo aircraft from 1953
Northrop - Grumman Fire ScoutUS Navy UAV helicopter
Northrop - Grumman Global Hawklarge reconnaissance UAV.
Northrop BantamExperimental twin engined research jet.
Northrop Black BulletExperimental WWII tailess fighter.
Northrop Black WidowTwin engined WWII US night fighter.
Northrop CobraLightweight fighter design that lost out to F-16 but was eventually formed basis of F-18 Hornet.
Northrop Delta1930's single engine passenger transport
Northrop Freedom FighterNorthrop, F-5 single/twin seat, twin engined fighter, and reconnaissance aircraft from 1969
Northrop HL-10Experimental lifting body design used by NASA.
Northrop KD2R-5Small prop engined target drone
Northrop M2Experimental lifting body design to test spacecraft re-entry.
Northrop N-3Single prop monoplane, float plane aircraft
Northrop N1MExperimental WWII flying wing design.
Northrop Nomad1935 attack monoplane developed from Northrop Gamma.
Northrop ScorpionTwin engined USAF nuclear armed interceptor.
Northrop ShelduckNorthrop MQM-36/KD2R-5 piston engined target drone
Northrop Spirit B-2Stealth bomber
Northrop Tacit BlueExperimental aircraft to test low observable technology.
Northrop TalonNorthrop T-38 twin seat, twin jet engined, advanced trainer aircraft from 1960
Northrop Tiger IINorthrop F-5 development of the lightweight Freedom Fighter series
Northrop TigersharkNorthrop F-20 single engined development of the F-5
Northrop YA-9APrototype single seat ground attack jet, produced as competitor to A-10 Thunderbolt II.
Northrop YF-23AUnsuccessful competitor in Advanced Tactical Fighter programme.
PAC AirtrainerNew Zealand built two seat trainer.
Packard Lepere LUSACFrench designed WW I US Army fighter.
Panavia TornadoEuropean variable geometry ground attack and fighter aircraft
Partenavia P.64High winged, single prop aircraft used for observation and utility role
Pazmany PL-2Light tourer
Percival GullPre war Percival touring aircraft
Percival PembrokeTwin engined, high wing communications / transport aircraft
Percival PrenticeSingle engined three seat basic trainer
Percival PresidentPercival built passenger and tarnsport aircraft
Percival ProvostRadial engined low wing basic trainer
Pereira X-28ASmall single engined homebuilt seaplane.
Petyalalkov Pe-2Three seat, Russian built, twin prop engined monoplane attack bomber, from 1940
Pfalz D.VIIIGerman WWI fighter
Pfalz D.XIISingle seat, German built, single prop engined biplane fighter from 1918
Phonix D.IIISingle seat, prop engined , WWI biplane fighter, from Austria
Piaggio P.136High winged, twin pusher props, amphibious aircraft
Piaggio P.148Low winged, twin seat training aircraft from early 1950's
Piaggio P.149Four seat, single prop engined, trainer aircraft from 1955, also built by Focke-Wulf
Piaggio P.150Prototype low winged, twin seat, training aircraft from 1952
Piaggio P.166High winged, twin pusher props, light transport and passenger transport, from mid 1970's
Piaggio PD.808Twin engined business jet, used fro passenger transport and training roles
Piasecki RescuerEarly US twin rotor helicopter.
Piasecki RetreiverPiasecki built twin rotor helicopter.
Piasecki Vertol VZ-8Experimental VTOL ducted fan 'flying jeep'
Piasecki Work HorseTandem rotor 'Flying Banana'
Pilatus P-2Two seat, single prop engined, trainer aircraft from 1946
Pilatus P-3Twin seat, prop engined, low wing training aircraft, from mid 1950's
Pilatus PC-11 (B4)Pilatus glider
Pilatus PC-6Pilatus high wing extremely STOL cargo/passenger plane
Pilatus PC-7Advanced Swiss-built tandem seat turboprop trainer
Pilatus PC-9Tandem seat turboprop training aircraft
Piper CubWWII light observation aircraft
Piper EnforcerTurboprop powered development of P-51 Mustang.
Piper GrasshopperPiper light liason aircraft from WWII developed from J-3 Cub
Piper PA.22Light trainer
Piper PA.23Four seat, twin prop, light aircraft
Piper PA.24Four seat, single prop engined, low wing monoplane aircraft
Piper PA.28Four seat, single prop engined, low wing designed aircraft
Piper PA.30Twin prop version of the PA.24 aircraft
Piper PA.31Piper Navajo Chieftan twin engined communications aircraft
Piper PA.44Piper twin prop, four seat aircraft used for training and liaison
Piper SenecaTwin prop
Piper Super CubPiper PA.18
Piper TG-8Glider version of Piper Cub.
Piper Tri-PacerPA.22
Piper U-11Training and utility version of Piper Apache for US military.
Platt-LePage XR-1Early experimental helicopter dating from 1941
PO68 Observer
Polikarpov CCS-13Czech built version of the Polikarpov Po-2
Polikarpov I-15Single seat, single prop engined, Russian biplane fighter from 1930
Polikarpov I-153Single seat, single prop engined biplane fighter, version of the Polikarpov I-15, but with retractable undercarriage, from 1938
Polikarpov I-16Single seat, single prop engined small, Russian low wing monoplane fighter from 1934, used throughout WWII
Polikarpov Po-2Russian light training biplane from 1928, used extensively by the Russians during WWII
Polikarpov R-51930's biplane light bomber/recce aircraft
Polytecknisk Polyt III1940's glider
Porterfield 35High wing single prop tail dragger
Pratt-Read LNE-1US Naval WW II training glider.
PWS-26World War II Polish training and liason biplane.
PZL Combat CoyoteUSAF version of PZL M.28 Skytruck.
PZL I-22Jet engined trainer, from the late 1980's, never delivered to the Polish AF and production cancelled, 'Iryda'
PZL KaniaUpgraded Polish built version of the Mil Mi-2
PZL Lim-1Polish built version of MiG-15
PZL Lim-2Polish built version of MiG-15Bis
PZL Lim-5Polish built version of the MiG-17
PZL Lim-6Polish built version of the MiG-19
PZL M.20Low wing twin prop
PZL P.11Single seat, single prop engined, high gull winged monoplane, fighter aircraft from 1933
PZL P.24Single prop engined, high wing, fighter aircraft , basically an export version of P.11
PZL SBLim-2Polish built version of the MiG-15U two seat trainer
PZL SM-1Polish built version of the Mil Mi-1
PZL SM-2Small Polish built utility helicopter from the early 1960's
PZL SW-4 PuszczykPolish built light transport helicopter
PZL SZD-30Polish built glider
PZL SZD-36Glider
PZL SZD-48Glider
PZL TS-11Polish designed Iskra andvanced jet trainer
PZL TS-8PZL built, Polish, prop trainer aircraft in use from 1957-1970, 'Bies'
PZL W-3Polish built light utility helicopter from the late 1980's, 'Sokol'
PZL-104Four seat, single prop engined, high wing, light utility aircraft, from 1962, 'Wilga'
PZL-130PZL built primary prop trainer, named 'Orlik'
Raab RK-26Twin seat, biplane advanced trainer aircraft from 1932
RAF SE.5WWI biplane fighter
Raytheon MQM-107Turbojet powered target towing drone
Raytheon Texan IIAmerican development of Pilatus PC-9 turboprop trainer.
Reggiane Re.2000Italian, low winged monoplane fighter from 1939
Reggiane Re.2001Italian, low winged monoplane fighter from 1940
Reggiane Re.2002Italian, low winged monoplane fighter from 1941
Reggiane Re.2005Italian WWII monoplane fighter.
Reims-Cessna F.406Caravan II
Republic ThunderboltRepublic designed single seat, single prop engined fighter from WWII
Republic ThunderceptorExperimental mixed rocket and jet development of F-84 Thunderstreak.
Republic ThunderchiefRepublic F-105, ground attack aircraft
Republic ThunderflashRF-84, reconnaissance version of the F-84 Thunderstreak aircraft
Republic ThunderjetRepublic F-84 cold war fighter/bomber
Republic ThunderscreechExperimental turboprop powered version of F-84 Thunderstreak.
Republic ThunderstreakSwept wing ground attack aircraft
RFB Fantrainer 600German training aircraft from the late 1970's
Robin HR100Small light utility aircraft
Robinson R22Lightweight helicopter
Robinson R44
Rockwell Aero CommanderRockwell built twin prop high winged executive and utility transport.
Rockwell HiMATExperimental UAV
Rockwell LancerRockwell built swing wing supersonic bomber.
Rockwell X-31Experimental US aircraft
RogozarskiRadial engined parasol monoplane
Rumpler 6Finnish Air Force floatplane
Rumpler C.IVGerman biplane fighter, from the end of WWI
RWD-13Polish 1930's touring plane
Ryan FireballRyan built naval fighter powered by piston engine and jet engine in tail.
Ryan NavionNorth American designed 5 seat low wing liason aircraft.
Ryan RecruitMonoplane, twin seat, open cockpit, primary prop trainer
Ryan SCWSingle radial low wing executive transport
Ryan STM2 seat low wing monoplane
Ryan VertijetRyan built experimental VTOL jet fighter.
Ryan VertiplaneExperimental VSTOL deflected slipstream test aircraft.
Ryan XV-5Experimental single jet engined VTOL research aircraft.
Ryan YPT-16Early monoplane trainer developed from Ryan ST series, forerunner of PT-22 Recruit.
SA BulldogScottish Aviation light trainer
SA PioneerRadial engined high wing STOL communications / transport aircraft
SA Twin PioneerRugged twin engined STOL high wing transport aircraft
SAAB 105 / Sk-60Small jet engined training aircraft
SAAB 17Two seat, single prop engined monoplane, from 1940, 17B was bomber version, 17L was reconnaissance version,
SAAB 18Twin prop, twin tailed light bomber from early WWII
SAAB 210Prototype jet aircraft that developed into the Draken
Saab DrakenSaab multirole aircraft
Saab GripenSaab's latest multirole aircraft
SAAB J 21Single pusher prop behind cockpit, twin boomed/tailed fighter from 1941. NOTE the correct designation of J space 21
SAAB J 29Single seat, single jet engined, fighter-bomber from 1949 'Tunan'. NOTE the correct designation of J space 29
Saab LansenSaab jet engined fighter/bomber
SAAB MFI-10Twin seat, prop engined, high winged aircraft
SAAB MFI-15Twin seat, high winged, light aircraft used for training
SAAB MFI-17Twin seat, high winged, light aircraft used for training
SAAB MFI-9Twin seat, light prop engined aircraft
SAAB Safir S-91Four seat, single prop engined basic training aircraft from 1946
Saab ViggenSaab fighter/bomber
SAGEM SperwerFrench built UAV
Saiman S.202WWII, low winged, prop engined, liaison aircraft
San Jodel D.1405 seat light aircraft
Savoia Marchetti SM.79Triple prop engined, WWII, Italian torpedo bomber
Savoia Marchetti SM.82Triple prop engined, Italian, light transport aircraft from WWII
Scheibe Bergfalke IVearly 1970's glider
Scheibe FalkeGerman two seat motor glider the Slingsby venture was derived from.
Schleicher ASK-13German manufactured glider
Schleicher ASK-21German built glider
Schleicher ASW-19Glider
Schleicher ASW-20Glider
Schleicher Ka.2German built glider
Schleicher Ka.6Single seat enclosed cockpit high wing wooden low performance glider built by Schleicher in Germany
Schleicher Ka.8German built glider
Schleicher Ka7
Schneider ESG-9German built glider
Schneider SG-38German built glider
Schreck FBAFrench built biplane, floatplane aircraft from 1913
Schulgleiter SG.38German WWII primary glider.
Schweizer LNS-1Twin seat WW II training glider used by US Navy.
Schweizer SGS 2-33Two seat US built training glider.
Schweizer TG-2US WWII training glider.
Schweizer TG-3US primary training glider from the 1940's
Schweizer TG-7ATwo seat motor glider used for pilot grading by US Air Force.
Schweizer X-26Experimental motor glider design used by US Navy and Army.
Schweizer X-26AExperimental motor glider used on test pilot duties by US Navy.
Schweizer-Grumman G-164Single prop, biplane, agricultural aircraft
SEPECAT JaguarAnglo French ground attack aircraft
Seversky EP-106Single seat, single prop engined monoplane fighter from 1935
Seversky GuardsmanPre war monoplane fighter similar to Curtiss Hawk series.
Seversky P-35Single engined low wing monoplane fighter.
Shenyang F-5Chinese built version of Mig 17.
Shenyang F-6Chinese built version of the MiG-19 aircraft, F-6 was the export version
Shenyang F-7Chinese built version of MiG-21
Shenyang FT-5Twin seat chinese produced version of Mig 17.
Shenyang J-5Chinese built MiG-17
Shenyang J-6Chinese built MiG-19
Shenyang J-8Chinese jet fighter
Shenyang JJ-5Twin seat Chinese development of MiG 17.
Shijiazhuang Y-5Chinese Built Version Of The Antonov AN-2
Shin Meiwa PS-1Large Japanese flying boat
Shin Meiwa US-1Large Japanese flying boat
Short SealandLight commercial amphibian
Short SherpaMilitary transport version of Shorts 330 airliner
Short Skyvan SC.724 seat, twin prop engined transport aircraft, from 1964
Short TucanoTandem seat turboprop training aircraft
SIAI Marchetti SF-260Small twin seat, prop engined training aircraft
SIAI Marchetti SM.1019Italian copy of the 'O-1 Bird dog' aircraft
SIAI Marchetti SM.102Twin prop, medium passenger/cargo transport aircraft
SIAI S.205Four seat, light prop engined training aircraft
SIAI S.208Four seat, light prop engined training aircraft
SIAI S.211Two seat, single jet engined trainer aircraft from 1982
SIAT FlamingoSide by side low wing single engined trainer
Sikorsky BlackhawkSikorsky produced transport helicopters
Sikorsky ChickasawUS military name for Sikorsky H-19 series.
Sikorsky ChoctawUS Army version of Sikorsky S.58.
Sikorsky ComancheStealthy attack helicopter design
Sikorsky DragonflyEarly Sikorsky helicopter design.
Sikorsky H-19Utility helicopter 'Chicksaw'
Sikorsky HO5SUtility helicopter development of Sikorsky S.51 design.
Sikorsky HoverflyWWII Sikorsky built light transport helicopter
Sikorsky JRSPre war sikorsky built transport aircraft.
Sikorsky MojaveVery large US military heavylift helicopter, Sikorsky designation S.56
Sikorsky Pave HawkUSAF Blackhawk
Sikorsky Pave LowUSAF search and rescue version of Sikorsky S.65 heavylift helicopter.
Sikorsky PelicanDedicated rescue version of Sikorsky Sea king equiped with rear cargo ramp.
Sikorsky S-51First Sikorsky designed all metal monocoque passenger helicopter
Sikorsky S-55Piston engined medium lift troop transport helicopter
Sikorsky S-58Piston engined medium lift troop transport helicopter
Sikorsky S-70Civilian version of Blackhawk medium lift helicopter.
Sikorsky S-72Experimental high speed rotor and aerodynamic test vehicle.
Sikorsky S-76Modern medium sized passenger/transport helicopter
Sikorsky Sea KingSuccessful US built naval helicopter.
Sikorsky SeabatASW version of Sikorsky S-58
Sikorsky SeaguardSikorsky built single engined rescue helicopter for US Coast Guard.
Sikorsky SeahawkShipborne derivavtive of UH-60 Blackhawk.
Sikorsky SeahorseUtility transport version of H-34 for use by USMC & US Navy.
Sikorsky SH-3Medium lift single engined SAR helicopter
Sikorsky StallionUS Navy / Marine Corps version of Sikorsky S.65 heavylift helicopter.
Sikorsky TarheSikorsky S.64 flying crane helicopter.
Sikorsky VS-44Large 4-engined flying boat
Sikorsky X-49AVectored Thrust Ducted Propeller testbed based on SH-60 Seahawk
Sikorsky XH-39Turbine version of Sikorsky H-18.
Sikorsky XH-59AExperimental advanced rotor test compound helicopter.
Sikorsky YH-18Four seat utility helicopter.
Sipa S.121French postwar version of Arado AR.396
Skandinavisk Aero Industri KZ VIITwin seat, high winged, Danish training aircraft
Skandinavisk Aero Industri KZ.IITwin seat, prop engined Danish training aircraft
Skandinavisk Aero Industri KZ.IIITwin seat, high winged, Danish training aircraft
Slingsby FireflySmall light aerobatic training aircraft
Slingsby GrasshopperT.38 single seat primary glider built by Slingsby. (Triangular shaped tailplane)
Slingsby Gull T15Inovative Slingsby built glider
Slingsby SedberghWooden twin seat training glider
Slingsby T.13Petrel 1 glider
SOCATA EpsilonFrench AF training aircraft
SOCATA TB.20French built low wing training monoplae, also known as Trinidad.
Soko 522Yugoslavian twin seat, radial engined training aircraft. (NOTE Soko is NOT CAPITALISED)
Soko Galeb G-2Twin seat, single jet engined, training aircraft from 1965 (NOTE Soko is NOT CAPITALISED)
Soko Jastreb J-21Single-seat attack/recce aircraft related to the Galeb (NOTE Soko is NOT CAPITALISED)
Soko Kraguj J-20Single seat, single prop engined aircraft from 1966, used for light weapons training (NOTE Soko is NOT CAPITALISED)
Soko Orao J-22Ground attack jet aircraft from 1977, also built as the IAR 93 (NOTE Soko is NOT CAPITALISED)
Soko Super Galeb G-4Tandem jet trainer (NOTE Soko is NOT CAPITALISED)
Sopwith StrutterTwo seat, single prop engined fighter aircraft from 1915, also used as a light bomber
SPAD VIIWWI French built, biplane fighter/reconnaissance aircraft
SPAD XIIISingle seat, French built, single engined biplane fighter, from 1917
SPAD XVITwin seat WW I fighter.
Sparmann S.1Swedish, prop engined, monoplane advanced training aircraft
Spartan 7WWWII US Trainer aircraft
Spartan NP-1Biplane primary trainer used by US Navy.
Sportavia-Putzer RF-5Glider
SR.N5 WardenHovercraft built for trials evaluation
StahltaubeEarly World War I German monoplane.
Stampe SV4French tandem seat betwwen wars biplane
Standard E-1Very early US warplane
Standard J-1Early US training biplane, contempary of Curtiss Jenny.
Stearman KaydetModel 75, two seat, single prop engined biplane trainer, also known as N1S, N2S, PT13, PT17
Stearman NS-1US Navy pre war training aircraft.
Stearman YPT-9Primary training biplane built in small numbers in 1930's.
Stinson 1081940's 2-3 seat high wing utility aircraft
Stinson ReliantAmerican communications / transport aircraft
Stinson Sentinel L-5Two seat, single prop engined, high wing, light liaison aircraft from 1940
Stinson VigilantHigh winged single engine liason aircraft.
Stinson Voyager Twin seat, high winged prop engined aircraft from the 1930's
Sud Alouette IIISud Aviation designed light utility/attack helicopter from early 1960's
Sud Aviation AlouetteSud Aviation built light helicopter
Sud Caravelle Se.210Sud Aviation built, medium jetliner, from 1960
Sud DjinnSud-Ouest, built, Small lightweight helicopter
Sud Est BaroudeurFrench prototype
Sud Ouest Bretagne SO.30French, twin tailed, twin prop engined, transport aircraft
Sud Ouest Espadon SO.6025French experimental Jet interceptor
Sud Ouest Trident SO.9000French experimental Jet interceptor
Sud Ouest Triton SO.6000French experimental type
Sud Ouest Vautour II SO.4050Single or twin seat, twin jet engined aircraft from 1955, also used in night fighter role
Sukhoi Su-11Development of the Su-9
Sukhoi Su-15Sukhoi built, single seat, twin jet engined high speed interceptor, from 1963
Sukhoi Su-17Sukhoi built, single seat. Single jet engined, ground attack aircraft
Sukhoi Su-20Sukhoi built ground attack aircraft, this was an export version of the Su-17 aircraft
Sukhoi Su-22Sukhoi built ground attack aircraft, this was an export version of the Su-17 aircraft
Sukhoi Su-24Sukhoi built, twin seat, twin jet engined strike fighter, from the 1970's
Sukhoi Su-25Sukhoi built, single jet engined, twin seat ground attack aircraft, from 1976
Sukhoi Su-26Sukhoi built advanced trainer aircraft
Sukhoi Su-27Sukhoi built, high performance fighter/interceptor from the mid 1980's
Sukhoi Su-29Russian aerobatic aircraft developed from Su-26.
Sukhoi Su-47Technology demonstrator
Sukhoi Su-7Sukhoi built, single seat, single jet engined aircraft from 1956, used as a fighter initially, but mainly used in the bomber role
Sukhoi Su-9Soviet Cold War supersonic interceptor, codenamed Fishpot
Supermarine StranraerSix seat, twin prop engined, biplane flying boat from 1935
Swearingen Metro/MerlinTwin prop, 20 seat transport aircraft, model SA.226/227 and US military version C-26
SZD 48 JantarPolish built glider
Taylorcraft L-2American built observation aircraft that the Auster was based on.
Taylorcraft TG-6US Army WW II primary training glider.
Temco BuckarooUnsuccessful rival to T-34 Mentor
Temco PintoUS Navy tandem seat training jet.
Thomas Morse ScoutEarly US warplane
ThulinSwedish, training and seaplane aircraft from 1918
Timm TutorMonoplane training aircraft comparable to Ryan PT-22 but with fuselage constructed from moulded resin and plywood.
Transall C.160Twin prop transport aircraft 'Transall'
Tupolev ANT-2Small Russian passenger aircraft from 1925
Tupolev SB-2Russian WWII light bomber aircraft
Tupolev Tu-124Russian short range jetliner Nato code 'Cookpot'
Tupolev Tu-128Updated version of the Tu-28 Fiddler
Tupolev Tu-134Russian short haul jetliner from the mid 1960's
Tupolev Tu-143Drone
Tupolev Tu-154Russian medium range jetliner, from the late 1960's
Tupolev Tu-16Post-war twin jet strategic bomber, code named Badger
Tupolev Tu-2Four seat, twin engined monoplane, light bomber from 1941
Tupolev Tu-22Russian strategic bomber from 1960, Nato code 'Blinder'
Tupolev Tu-4Reverse engineered B-29
Tupolev Tu-95Post-war turboprop strategic bomber, code named Bear
Utva 213Second World War low wing monoplane fighter, by Utva (NOT CAPITALISED)
Utva Aero 2Yugoslav tandem 2-seat trainer from 1940, by Utva (NOT CAPITALISED)
Utva Aero 3Yugoslav built primary trainer, by Utva (NOT CAPITALISED)
Utva LastaYugoslav low wing prop trainer, by Utva (NOT CAPITALISED)
Utva-60Yugoslav high wing light utility transport/passenger plane, by Utva (NOT CAPITALISED)
Utva-65Yugoslav agricultural prop-driven aircraft, by Utva (NOT CAPITALISED)
Utva-66High winged, prop engined, small STOL aircraft, by Utva (NOT CAPITALISED)
Utva-75Twin seat low wing Yugoslav built training aircraft, by Utva (NOT CAPITALISED)
Valkyrie XB-70AAdvanced US supersonic bomber.
Valmet L-90Finish built prop engined basic trainer
VEB-14East German built Il-14.
Vertol 107Twin rotor, utility helicopter, US military designation H-46
Vertol LabradorCanadian version of Vertol 107 helicopter.
Vertol SeaknightTwin rotor assault and transport helicopter.
Vertol ShawneeTwin rotor Vertol built heavylift helicopter.
Vertol V.44Piasecki (Vertol) 'Shawnee' 22 seat, single engined transport and rescue helicopter from 1954
Vertol VZ-2Experimental tilt wing research aircraft.
Verville Sperry MessengerSingle seat liason biplane.
VFW 614German medium sized jetliner aircraft
VFW VAK-191Prototype German Vstol aircraft
Vickers SeagullVickers, high winged amphibious flying boat
Vickers VC10Vickers 4 engined jet airliner converted for tanker / transport use
Vickers VikingCommercial version of Valetta transport
Vickers VildebeestBiplane torpedo bomber
Vickers ViscountFour engined turboprop commercial passenger airliner
VL HumuValmet/Valtion, Finnish built fighter, from 1944, basically a version of the Brewster F2A 'Buffalo' carrier based aircraft
VL KotkaValmet/Valtion, Finnish built, prop engined fighter
VL MyrskyValmet/Valtion, Finnish built fighter aircraft
VL PyorremyrskyValmet/Valtion, Finnish built, low wing monoplane prop engined WWII fighter aircraft
VL PyryValmet/Valtion, Finnish built, twin seat, prop engined training aircraft
VL SaaskiValmet/Valtion, Finnish built, biplane, floatplane aircraft
VL TuiskuValmet/Valtion, Finnish built, biplane, twin seat aircraft
VL TuuliValmet/Valtion, Finnish built, twin seat, prop engined, monoplane aircraft
VL VihuriValmet/Valtion, Finnish built, twin seat, prop engined, monoplane aircraft
VL ViimaValmet/Valtion, Finnish built, twin seat, biplane fighter aircraft
VL VinkaValmet built L-70 miltrainer
Voisin LA SFrench WWI light bomber
Voisin VIIIWW I bomber design.
Vought CorsairWorld War II carrier based fighter
Vought CutlassVought built twin boomed jet engined carrier borne fighter.
Vought Flying PancakeExperimental wingless fighter design.
Vought KingfisherVought built observation monoplane, primarily used on US Naval battleship catapult flights.
Vought PirateVought built USN jet fighter.
Vought VindicatorVought built carrier borne monoplane dive bomber.
Vultee ValiantUS monoplane, prop training aircraft
Vultee VigilantHigh wing observation and liason aircraft.
VZLU TOM-8Post war trainer
WACO HadrianWaco CG-4A WWII assault glider
Waco UC-72Civilian Waco YKS-7 touring biplane impressed by USAAF.
WACO UPF-7US pre-war trainer
WACO VPF-7Pre War training biplane.
Wallis WA.116Autogyro designed by Wg Cmdr Ken Wallis
Wassmer WA.21French built glider from the late 1950's
Wassmer WA.22French built glider from the 1960's
Wassmer WA.30Glider
Westland CommandoTroop transport version of Sea King helicopter
Westland DragonflyWestland built light helicopter
Westland LynxAnglo French Military attack / transport helicopter
Westland LysanderHigh wing monoplane STOL light transport aircraft
Westland S.51Westland Dragonfly derivative of S51 with Leonides engine
Westland ScoutFour seat turboshaft powered army attack helicopter
Westland Sea KingMedium lift twin engined SAR helicopter
Westland Super LynxGrowth development of the Lynx helicopter
Westland WapitiGeneral purpose biplane
Westland WaspSingle engined light anti submarine helicopter
Westland WessexWestland built version of S58
Westland WhirlwindWestland built version of S55
Westland-Bell SiouxAAC operated version of Bell 47 light transport helicopter
Wright Military FlyerWorlds first powered aircraft modified for military use.
Xian MA60Twin turboprop airliner
Yakovlev UT-2Low wing monoplane trainer
Yakovlev Yak-1Russian WWII monoplane fighter
Yakovlev Yak-11Twin seat, single prop engined, monoplane trainer aircraft from 1946
Yakovlev Yak-12Russian built, single prop engined high wing monoplane first built in 1948, last produced in 1970
Yakovlev Yak-130Russian advanced jet trainer, codename Mitten
Yakovlev Yak-15Jet fighter built in 1946
Yakovlev Yak-17Single/twin seat single jet engined fighter from 1948
Yakovlev Yak-18Twin seat, prop engined aircraft first built in 1948, also built as the CJ-6
Yakovlev Yak-23Single seat, single jet engined fighter from 1947
Yakovlev Yak-24Medium sized transport helicopter, codename Horse
Yakovlev Yak-25Soviet Cold War jet interceptor, codename Flashlight/Mandrake
Yakovlev Yak-27Jet powered fighter/interceptor aircraft
Yakovlev Yak-28Twin seat, twin jet engined, used as a fighter, attack, reconnaissance and EW aircraft, from 1959
Yakovlev Yak-3Yakovlev, single seat, single prop engined monoplane fighter from 1942
Yakovlev Yak-36Early Soviet VSTOL experimental jet
Yakovlev Yak-38Soviet Navy jet VTOL fighter, Forger
Yakovlev Yak-40Triple engined jet medium passenger aircraft first built in 1967
Yakovlev Yak-41Soviet shipboard VTOL fighter, often referred to in the West as Yak-141
Yakovlev Yak-42Triple engined jet medium passenger aircraft first built in 1970
Yakovlev Yak-50Single seat, single prop engined aerobatic training aircraft, from 1975
Yakovlev Yak-52Twin seat, single prop engined, basic training aircraft from 1977
Yakovlev Yak-54Single-seat aerobatic aircraft
Yakovlev Yak-55Russian, single seat, prop engined, aerobatic training aircraft
Yakovlev Yak-7Russian training aircraft from 1940, also built as a fighter version
Yakovlev Yak-9Yakovlev, single seat, single prop engined monoplane fighter from 1943
Yokosuka D4YJapanese Naval dive bomber.
Yokosuka MXY-7 OhkaWWII Japanese manned flying bomb
Yunshuji Y-5Chinese built version of the An-2
Zeppelin AirshipGerman built large airship
Zlin Z-381Czech built variant of Bucker Bu 181 Bestmann.
Zlin Z.126Czech built, twin seat, light training aircraft
Zlin Z.143Czech built multi-purpose training and courier airplane.
Zlin Z.226Aerobatic plane
Zlin Z.26Czech built, twin seat, light training aircraft
Zlin Z.326Czech built twin seat lightweight training aircraft
Zlin Z.43Czech built single prop engine aircraft for 4 people, built from 1970
Zlin Z.526Czech built twin seat lightweight training aircraft from 1975
Zmaj Fizir1931 bi-plane from Yugoslavia