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US Demobbed locations for Alaska

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All West (1)12 miles SE of Delta Junction
Anchorage - Campbell Lake (1)6 miles S of Anchorage
Anchorage - Lake Hood (57)N of Anchorage IAP
Anchorage - Merrill Field (4)3 mile E of Anchorage
Anchorage - Museum (13)S side of Lake Hood
Anchorage International Airport (12)Large city on the southern coast of the state
Anderson Lake (1)33 miles NE of Anchorage
Bethel (3)395 miles W of Anchorage
Bettles (1)180 miles NW of Fairbanks
Big Lake (2)12 miles SW of Wasilla
Bomber Glacier (1)17 miles N of Palmer
Chena (2)6.5 miles SW of Fairbanks
Chitina River (1)
Coldfoot (1)175 miles N of Fairbanks
Cordova (2)148 miles SE of Anchorage
Dillingham (2)333 miles SW of Anchorage
Eielson AFB (11)23 miles SE of Fairbanks
Elmendorf AFB (15)4 miles NE of Anchorage
Fairbanks - museum (4)3 miles NE of Airport
Fairbanks - scrapyard (11)Adjacent to SW corner of Fairbanks IAP
Fairbanks - town (2)
Fairbanks International Airport (48)3 miles SW of the city
Fairbanks Metro Field (1)S of Fairbanks centre
Fort Richardson - Bryant AHP (2)8 miles NE of Anchorage
Ganes Creek (1)291 miles SW of Fairbanks
Homer - Lake Beluga (2)120 miles SW of Anchorage
Iliamna (3)193 miles SW of Anchorage
Juneau (8)576 miles SE of Anchorage
Kenai (6)64 miles SW of Anchorage
Ketchikan (21)777 miles SE of Anchorage
King Salmon (1)289 miles SW of Anchorage
Kodiak Municipal Airport (1)250 miles SSW of Anchorage
Kulis ANGB (2)S side of Anchorage IAP
Kvichak River (1)250 miles SW of Anchorage
Nenana (1)40 miles SW of Fairbanks
Nondalton (1)185 miles SW of Anchorage
North Pole (3)13 miles SE of Fairbanks
Palmer (10)40 miles SW of Anchorage
Palmer - Wolf Lake Airport (1)6.5 miles NE of Wasilla
Petersburg (1)673 miles SE of Anchorage
Prince of Wales Island (1)715 miles SE of Anchorage
Sitka (1)610 miles SE of Anchorage
Soldotna (4)60 miles SW of Anchorage
Talkeetna (11)187 miles SW of Fairbanks
Unalakleet (1)
Wasilla (12)29 miles NE of Anchorage
Willow (1)37 miles N of Anchorage

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