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US Demobbed locations for Arizona

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Apache Junction - Legion Post (1)28 miles E of Phoenix
Apache Junction - RV yard (3)11 miles SE of Mesa
Benson (1)38 miles SE of Tucson
Buckeye (2)21 miles SW of Glendale
Buckeye Airport (13)35 miles W of Phoenix
Bullhead City (1)1 mile NNW of the airport
Camp Navajo (1)10 miles W of Flagstaff
Casa Grande - Phoenix Regional Airport (33)9 miles NW of Casa Grande
Casa Grande Industrial Zone (52)2 miles WNW of the town centre
Casa Grande Municipal Airport (5)45 miles SSE of Phoenix
Chandler (1)16 miles SE of Phoenix
Chandler - Memorial Airport (12)5 miles S of Chandler
Chandler - Municipal Airport (6)3 miles SE of Chandler
Chandler - Stellar Air Park (3)4 miles W of Chandler
Chandler area (1)17 miles SE of Phoenix
Coolidge (16)53 miles SE of Phoenix
Corona (1)20 miles SE of Tucson
Davis-Monthan AFB (95)4 miles SE of Tucson
Davis-Monthan AFB - Navy Operational Support Center (1)N of Davis-Monthan AFB
Douglas (1)103 miles SE of Tucson
Douglas - Cochise College (5)8 miles W of Douglas
Duncan (1)113 miles ENE of Tucson
El Mirage - paintball (1)2.5 miles S of the town
Eloy (12)Halfway between Phoenix and Tucson
Fort Huachuca (6)60 miles SE of Tucson
Gila Bend Air Force Station (23)3 miles SSW of the town
Gila Bend Airport (2)2 miles ENE of the town
Glendale - 91st Avenue (2)4 miles W of Glendale centre
Glendale - Bonsall Park (1)2 miles S of Glendale
Glendale MAP (16)6.5 miles W of Glendale centre
Globe (1)86 miles E of Phoenix
Grand Canyon (2)170 miles N of Phoenix
Huachuca City (1)Northern edge of the city
Kingman (12)90 miles SE of Las Vegas
La Cholla Airpark (1)4 miles NW of Oro Valley
Laguna AAF (6)17 miles NE of Yuma
Lakeside (22)106 miles NE of Mesa
Libby AAF (2)60 miles SE of Tucson
Luke AFB (10)23 miles WNW of Phoenix
Marana - El Tiro Gliderport (1)off West El Tiro road
Marana - Northwest (ATW) (15)Western side of Avra Valley airport
Marana - Northwest AP (Avra Valley) (37)20 miles NW of Tucson
Marana - Pinal Airpark (5)20 miles NW of Tucson
Marana - Silver Bell AHP (14)20 miles NW of Tucson
Marana - town (1)25 miles NW of Tucson
Maricopa - Miller Field (7)26 miles S of Phoenix
Mesa - Boeing (23)Just North of Falcon Field
Mesa - Falcon Field (68)20 miles E of Phoenix
Mesa - Museum (21)SW corner of Mesa Falcon Field
Papago AAF, Phoenix (3)6 miles E of the city centre
Parker - Avi Suquilla Airport (1)138 miles WNW of Phoenix
Peoria (1)13 miles NW of Phoenix
Phoenix - Deer Valley (46)15 miles N of Phoenix city centre
Phoenix - Honeywell Aerospace (2)S of Deer Valley Airport
Phoenix - School (1)South of the city centre
Phoenix IAP (6)Main international airport
Pima (1)74 miles NE of Tucson
Prescott (1)83 miles NNW of Phoenix
Prescott - Love Field (5)78 miles NNW of Phoenix
Quartzsite - Community Park (2)122 miles NW of Phoenix
Quartzsite - South (3)South of the I-10, Hwy 95 exit
Quartzsite - West (4)1.5 miles W of the town, just N of the I-10
Rillito (2)3.5 miles E of Avra Valley
Scottsdale Municipal Airport (12)13 miles NE of Phoenix
Sunsites (29)66 miles ESE of Tucson
Three Points (1)24 miles SW of Tucson
Tucson - Allied Aircraft Sales (78)7.5 miles SE of Tucson
Tucson - ARM/DMI scrapyard (83)6.5 miles SE of Tucson
Tucson - Bourque Industries (4)1 mile NW of Pima Museum
Tucson - Jack's Surplus scrapyard (115)6.5 miles SE of Tucson
Tucson - KTech Aviation (4)0.4 miles ENE of Pima Museum
Tucson - Minden scrapyard (5)7.5 miles SE of Tucson
Tucson - PCC Aviation Technology Center (1)West side of Tucson IAP
Tucson - Pima Museum (301)11 miles SE of Tucson
Tucson - Specialized Aircraft Maintenance (18)7.5 miles SE of Tucson
Tucson - United Aeronautic Corp (145)7.5 miles SE of Tucson
Tucson - Western International scrapyard (39)7.5 miles SW of Tucson
Tucson IAP (24)8 miles S of Tucson centre
Valle Airport (36)At junction of Hwy 64 and 180
Wickenburg Municipal (1)4 miles W of the town
Willcox (10)54 miles E of Tucson
Williams Gateway Airport (10)25 miles SSE of Phoenix
MCAS Yuma (11)S side of Yuma town
Yuma Proving Grounds (1)16 miles NW of Yuma
Yuma Town (1)Large town just North of the Mexican border

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